Ivanovo region: results of reforestation for 2012

The amount of reforestation, made in 2012 amounted to 2,669 hectares, including the planting of forest plantations carried out on an area 1737 ha, which is 113.7% of the planned amount.

The tenants of the forest plots allocated for rent for wood, reforestation carried out on the area of 1,982 hectares, including the planting of forest crops accounted for 1,310 hectares with 1,230 hectares planned target.

Traditional in the Ivanovo region were mass protests by planting forests. May 12 as part of the national "Day of planting forests" was created 44 acres of new forest forces of more than 500 participants. In October 2012 the All-Russian campaign "Live the woods." In the field of forest areas were organized and conducted lectures, exhibitions and classes in schools on reforestation and forest conservation, included a 30 ha of forest plantations in the village of Ivanovo Ermolino municipal district forces Yermolinsky school forest together with the local administration and forestry workers laid lime avenue.

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