Ivanteevsky Elevatormelmash — how to make conveyors

Often, the code it comes to industrial processes, it is possible to hear the words: "Plant a good, high-quality products, a pity that all the equipment — imported." Company "Ivanteevsky Elevatormelmash" which is located in the Moscow region, is one of those companies that are trying situation with domestic equipment to improve in every way. Russian machines, conveyors or, for example, reloading equipment — can be of good quality, and durable, and popular. Watch video about the company and how they are produced conveyors and other equipment — from the drawing to the last bolt finished machine.

Photo. Roller under the cut!




Brief information about the company:

Company name: Open Joint Stock Company "Ivanteevsky Elevatormelmash"
Date of formation of company: 1949.
Place of business: Ivanteevka, Moscow region. Str. Tolmachev, 80
Industry: Machinery
Main products: transporting and handling equipment
Total number of employees: 214, including 20% of young people
Major advances enterprise: a powerful design office, except for the serial production is possible to individually design technology.
Additional information about the company: quality management system QMS ISO 9001

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