IZ-KARTEKS execute a contract for the production of 4-shovels

 Photo source:maxi-exkavator.ru

The company IZ-KARTEKS them P.G.Korobkova completes delivery of major mining equipment for the company "Siberian Anthracite" Stojlenskogo GOK and "Bogatyr Coal" (Kazakhstan).

Under a contract with the company "Siberian Anthracite" in 2011, the company IZ-KARTEKS them P.G.Korobkova manufactured and shipped to the customer excavator EKG-10. Installation of the excavator will begin in early September 2011 and will be carried out by a regional service center "OMZ Gortehmash-Service".

In the near future in the CIS largest coal mine Bogatyr Coal (Kazakhstan), experts IZ-KARTEKS them P.G.Korobkova begin installation supervision quarry excavator EKG-15 with new design bucket capacity of 18 cubic meters This is the first Izhorskij excavator, shipped to the coal mine "Bogatyr Coal" for the last 20 years.

In addition, in early September at Stoilensky experts IZ-KARTEKS begin installation supervision of two machines ECG-15M. EKG-15M is an upgraded version of the serial EKG-15, which is adapted to the conditions of the development of iron ore deposits. It is equipped with lifting gear units with extended life, heavy duty truck, body modular design and a new, more efficient filter-ventilation system.

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