Izhevsk — the capital of the Russian weapon


When born Izhevsk?

The exact answer to this question is an old "Statement of Kazan particularistic zavodosoderzhatelyah": "Ona Izhevsk factory for iron forging of Goroblagodatskaya cast iron structure started his own excellency Costa, 1760 and April 10 is the date thereof in Kazan province on the road to the river Arsk Seeking to public land. " His Excellency — this is an unusually gifted and resourceful figure of the Empress Elizabeth Count Pyotr Ivanovich Shuvalov. 

On a February day in 1760 from Kazan left the road on a barely visible dirt road to mend jelly key kibitka simple, but two of riding. That came to our land mining engineer Alexey Moskvin S. — founder of the city on Begotten. Already in March in Kazan — mining authorities in the capital have left detailed estimates and plans for the construction of the dam and ironworks. Soon came the decree: "Under that plant take place over the space of a situation of free and magnitude of any horomnogo factory buildings … No further time should be spent to clarify .." April 10, 1760 with the first blows of pickaxes and shovels on the frozen ground began to count his days Izhevsk. 

In 1763, the plant received the first bloomery iron. Created Izhevsk ironworks year produced up to 200,000 pounds of iron. But a year after the founding of the plant on Begotten peasant unrest broke out. The plant was idle, in 1774, he was captured by rebel army Pugacheva, and then going through the years of stagnation and decline.

The second birth took place in Izhevsk in 1807 — under the direction of Andrei Fedorovich Deryabina was built a weapons factory. In a relatively short time, the plant launched Gun production — the glory and pride of the city’s future.

Izhevsk appeared on the map of Russia for more than two centuries ago as a settlement at the Izhevsk plant. Izhevsk and originality lay in the fact that for many years without even legalized the status of the city, it was in fact a major industrial center of the surrounding region, and some with signs of a capital city, had two high schools, a theater, a library, a printing house, "School choirs and orchestra music ", telegraph, electric power, cinema …

The revolutionary events of the last century abruptly changed the local political life. February 21, 1918 in the hall of the former Officers’ Assembly, the decision of the Board of Deputies of Izhevsk workers, soldiers and 
Peasants’ Deputies Izhevsk factory was transformed into the city.

In 2008, the celebration of the 450th anniversary of the voluntary annexation of Udmurtia in Russia, and in 2010 the city celebrated its 250th anniversary. In 2011, Vladimir Putin called Izhevsk among the most comfortable cities in the country.

St. Michael’s Cathedral — a temple in honor of the Archangel Michael, the modern building of the cathedral completed construction in 2007 (formerly destroyed in 1937)


The monument "Friendship of Peoples" — dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the entry of Udmurtia Russia, opened in 1972. The monument is faced with stainless steel and has an impressive height — 46 meters. Between two huge pillars symbolizing the Udmurtia and Russia, there are many gilded metal reliefs depicting the life of the worker-peasant people. In 2008, the 450th anniversary of prazdovaniyu Udmurtia entry into the Russian state was reconstructed monument and its surrounding area, there was a monument to light in the dark


Glory to the heroes of our country


The main building of the arms factory— plant does not need any introduction. Produced by AK him famous all over the world


Museum and Exhibition Complex named after small arms MT Kalashnikov — opened in 2004. Despite the fact that the museum is named after Kalashnikov, the museum presents the exhibition not only products, "from the pen of" Mikhail Kalashnikov — here is all small arms coming out into the light of Izhevsk, has not much is not enough 200-year history of the armory. 


Palace of the President of the Republic of Udmurtia 



Alexander Nevsky Cathedral — The temple was built in 1823. In 1930 the church was looted and closed, later it worked cinema "Colossus." In 1990 he returned to the faithful



House of Friendship of Peoples


Udmurtia State Circus — January 17, 2000 was laid new circus in place of the old, in 2003, construction of the circus was over. At present, it has no analogues in the world in construction (1,800 seats)


Monument AF Deryabin Izhevsk pond on the waterfront

Monument Izhevsk gunsmiths — opened in honor of in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Izhevsk arms and the 60th anniversary of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The monument depicts kaftanschikov — the best masters of imperial times treated for their hard work green coats, which were used as festive clothing.


Izhik — so the authors dubbed metal sculpture boy, dressed in a coat (which he too big), similar to that in imperial times awarded best master gunsmiths Izhevsk. On the hat-hat emblazoned Rowan branch — one of the symbols of the city of Izhevsk. Figure of a boy cast of old keys, gathered residents of Izhevsk in the summer of 2010 in the framework of "the 250th anniversary of Izhevsk 250 good deeds."


Monument "The eternal student" at the Izhevsk State Technical University named after MT Kalashnikov


Izhevsk pond— everyone who comes for the first time in Izhevsk, striking in its beauty huge pond, which many mistaken for a natural lake. The mistake is that the Izhevsk pond is not a product of nature, and the work of human hands and work. It is hard to imagine that in the place where now stretches his smooth surface, two centuries ago, there was a vast valley through which flowed into the wooded banks of the meandering river IJ. Izhevsk pond — is the largest artificial lake in Europe among the reservoirs are not designed to produce electricity. Its length is 12 km and the width varies from 0.5 to 2.5 km. Pond like a huge bowl, an area of 26 square kilometers, is filled with 76 million cubic meters of water


Night city





Musical fountain in the central square


Virtual tour of Izhevsk (view 360 degrees) —  http://www.mir74.ru/tour.html

A large-scale view of the city — http://myizhevsk.narod.ru/011.jpg  

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