Izhmash develop weapons for airsoft


Plant’s "Izhmash" develop weapons for the game of airsoft. This idea came to administration after a visit to the exhibition "The Hunt. Fishing. Salon arms-2012 "in Novosibirsk. According to the press service of the factory "Izhmash", creating a "soft pneumatic" make life easier for many professional athletes, biathletes, who usually train with just such a weapon. 

Airsoft Gun — a weapon type of airsoft, is widely used today for the game of airsoft, which does not require a special permit for the storage and transportation. The offer of "Izhmash" create a new weapon for biathlon training has generated enormous interest and support of Novosibirsk coaches, so the work in this direction will be launched in the design and technology center "Izhmash" in the near future.

Also on display was revealed huge public interest in the "Saiga-12", which today is the best weapon for practical shooting, according to the press service of the Izhevsk enterprise. As it turned out, in Siberia, this sport is very popular: the number of amateurs and professionals practical shooting close to 3,000 people. Especially for them to "Izhmash" now developed a new version of the rifle, which will take into account all the wishes of the fans of this sport.

In the course of communication with consumers indicated a high interest in hunting guns Izhmash and the low availability of Izhevsk arms manufacturer in the retail network. The range of gun shops, in the opinion of hunters and sportsmen, there are only a few examples that do not satisfy all the existing demand. "At the end of the exhibition will be a strategy and action plan for the saturation of the market of Siberia and the Far East, and other regions of the Russian weapon" Izhmash ", — concluded the participation in the exhibition Igor Anisimov, Deputy. Commercial Director for sporting and hunting the direction of the company.

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