Izhmash has developed a new Saiga-12

4 May 2012 athletes team "Russian Technologies" Vsevolod Andrei Ilyin and Kirisenko took 1st and 2nd place in the Gold Cup rings, one of the practical shooting competitions Russian Federation, held in Yaroslavl. Both athletes performed at the competition with a new modification of the "Saiga-12", which was developed in the design and technology center Izhmash specially commissioned FPSR.

Development of a new modification of "Saiga-12" began in February 2012, and in early April, the athletes were able to get new guns manufactured in strict accordance with their needs and wishes.

Standard version "Saiga", similar to that available in the U.S. police forces, has undergone significant changes. Have changed the parameters of the gas chamber for stable operation with nizkoimpulsnymi cartridges, extra long fore end and Picatinny rail, designed muzzle brake, combined with different types of nozzles to control the accuracy of fire. In order to improve the speed of reloading weapons designed more comfortable neck of the shop, and fuse the magazine eject button and you can now manage the hand holding the weapon. Especially for athletes FPSR was amended into the receiver — it is now possible to install the stock of foreign production. For performances in the open class, a new shop for 10 rounds with a bracket for mounting on the belt, and also incorporated other design changes.

Development of design documentation and production of new products were sold in record time — 2 months. "This is the first experience in the design and production to the needs of a particular customer. I am sure that such projects will become the norm as Izhmash is committed to a more flexible and focused on the end user algorithm work ", — said the completion of the project General Director of the NGO" Izhmash "Maxim Kuzyuk.

After the competition Vsevolod Ilyin sent Izhmash designers joyful message: "Good afternoon. I won the Yaroslavl ‘Cup Golden Ring "in the standings and in the duel. Andrew Kirisenko second. We are a team of Russian Technologies took the gold. Saiga fulfilled by 100%. Thank you! "

Soon Izhmash will hold a presentation of the new "Saiga-12" for a wide range of athletes to get involved in practical shooting, although the collection of applications for modification of new weapons has begun.

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