Izhmash has signed a contract with the Defense Ministry to launch Vortex 1

NGO "Izhmash", included in the GC "Rostekhnadzor", the winner of the tender for the supply of Russian Ministry of Defence missiles "Vortex-1" for 2013-2015. Appropriate contract with the Russian Defense Ministry has concluded.

According to him, the company will manufacture and supply missiles "Vortex 1" worth about 13 billion rubles by the end of 2015.

"This is the largest for Izhmash in recent years the state contract for the supply of high-precision weapons for the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Izhmash has all the necessary production facilities, personnel and technology in order to timely and accurately complete this state order. We take a responsible approach to the performance of the state contract and will do everything possible to execute it on time and in full, "- assured the general director of" Izhmash "Konstantin Bulgakov.

"Vortex-1" — a guided missile, developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau and accepted into service in 1982. The missile is designed to destroy armored vehicles, including those equipped with an active armor, as well as low-speed (up to 800 km / h) air targets. Maximum range — 10 miles starting height — up to 4000 meters.

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