Izhmash showed four military modernization variant AK-74

Scientific and Production Association "Izhmash" at a meeting of the interdepartmental working group under the Military-Industrial Commission presented four options for upgrading the AK-74, according to a press release from the company. The presentation was conducted by chief designer of "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin. Cost of upgrading weapons, depending on the option selected varies from two to ten thousand rubles per barrel.

The easiest option will be able to carry out the modernization of workshops military units. It involves the installation on the AK-74 Picatinny rails on the forearm. Thanks to this weapon can be installed collimator, optical and electro-optical sights, laser designators and other "kit." Machine will also get a side bar with fastening device under a "dovetail".

The most sophisticated version of the modernization will be realized only at the factory. This option is provided for installing hand guard with a Picatinny rail, front folding handle, telescoping stock, pistol grip, and with the ability to store a visual flow control cartridges. As the "Izhmash" at a meeting of the group, it was decided to test the AK-74 in the maximum variant of modernization.

Earlier it was reported that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia proposed to the Ministry of Defence are two options component upgrade the AK-74. Suggested options include mainly the installation of Picatinny rails and fastenings for additional "underweight." The final decision on which option to choose, the Defense Ministry should take until the end of 2012.

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