Izhmash wage increases and updates equipment

This year, the "Izhmash" spend to upgrade its 200 million rubles. The plant’s management promised to raise salaries on average 15% and purchase new equipment. As expected, the overall effect of the measures to strengthen the effectiveness of the production will be more than 100 million rubles.

General Director of "Izhmash" Maxim Kuzyuk explained that the bankruptcy procedure was launched at the factory for the company’s debts accumulated by the previous director, not pulled "Izhmash" on the bottom.

— This procedure will be removed from the accounts of arrests businesses, as well as suspended earlier court rulings, which will simplify the calculations with the contractors, the mechanism of tax payments and the payment of wages, — said Maxim Kuzyuk.

According to the press service of "Izhmash", now all the debts on wages at the plant is fully repaid. Today, the average salary is 14.6 thousand rubles, but this year it is planned to increase to 16 thousand rubles.

In addition, the company is in full swing to optimize the production process. To date, managed to increase the level of loading of multi-purpose equipment from 20 to 70% and more rationally all production facilities.

The plant also has applied to participate in the federal program for the modernization of the military-industrial complex. It was planned that the "Izhmash" will receive the first funds until 2014, but during the recent visit of deputy prime minister, Dmitry Rogozin, supervising the "defense", managed to postpone the beginning of the next financial year. "Izhmash" is going to take part in other federal programs. One of them — new technologies.

This year the company plans to invest in the first phase of the modernization of production of about 200 million rubles. Part of the funds "Izhmash" draw through loans and invest their own profits. In particular, thanks to the surety "Russian Technologies", "Izhmash" managed to get on the "Savings Bank" a loan of 2 billion rubles.

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