Izhora plants have completed the production of equipment for Russian nuclear power plants

Complete shipment of the equipment of the reactor compartment for the first unit of Leningrad NPP-2: Wrench flange connectors steam generator equipment mines the audit and shelving assemblies (teplovydelyuschih assemblies). On the third unit of Rostov NPP shipped the main gateway for transporting various goods in the reactor zone. Cover the top block of the reactor vessel shipped at the Kalinin nuclear power plant.

Also, the Commission, which includes representatives of "NIAEP" (general contractor stations), and the Directorate Rostov NPP single customer SC "Rosatom", were adopted: the equipment for the reactor vessel internals the third unit of Rostov NPP (Mine internals, power protection tubes, en closure) and the wrench main connector of the reactor, which is signed by the act of acceptance of the equipment. United Heavy Machinery (OMZ) — One of the leading heavy industry companies specializing in engineering, production, sales and maintenance of equipment for nuclear, oil and gas, mining industries, as well as special steel production and industrial services. OMZ Group’s facilities are located in Russia and Czech Republic. Group is controlled by Gazprombank (Open Joint Stock Company).

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