Izhora plants have started to ship the three reactors for petrochemical refinery company Rosneft

Izhora plants, part of OMZ Group, began shipping three petrochemical vessels to two customers: the hydrocracking reactor for JSC "Novokuibyshev refinery", and the first stage hydrotreating reactor 3-R2001 and the second stage hydrotreater 3-R2002 for JSC "Kuibyshev Refinery" ( part of the structure of OAO NK "Rosneft").

Reactors made under contracts entered Izhorskiye plants in 2012. The reactors for hydrotreating of "Kuibyshev refinery" are vessels 31 meters in height and a diameter of 6 meters, the weight of each reactor — about 600 tons.

Weight of vacuum gas oil hydrocracking reactor R-101 of "Novokuibyshev Refinery" almost 700 tons, and its height — about 45 meters. Note that Izhora plants for the first time in its history, the product is shipped as a significant height.

Developer and licensor of the base project for JSC "Novokuibyshev refinery" was the company Chevron Lummus Global LLC (CLG), for JSC "Kuibyshev refinery" — the company Axens (France). We Izhora Plants have a successful experience with these licensors.

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