Izhstal commissioned the installation of surface hardening of rolls


In the instrumental-die shop "Izhstal" (included in the company "Mechel") is working to develop the installation of surface hardening roll cold rolling.

Installation intended for tempering cold rolling roll diameter of 100 to 500 mm, length 2500 mm, weighing 900 kg. With its acquisition of completed work on the creation of an enterprise of a closed technological cycle for the production of this type of rollers used in the production of cold-rolled strip and rolled with special surface finish. Previously, depending on the type of output hardened steel rolls or purchased from third parties, or used its own production, training which was carried out in chamber furnaces.

Currently, installation is commercial tests. The results show that with the help of seasoned rolls are hard, comparable to the rolls of the leading domestic manufacturers. Application settings provides the necessary quality of the rolls and reduces the cost of their manufacture. The capacity of the plant is fully covers the needs of cold-rolled strip in rolls. Going forward, discusses the use of the installation for the production of rolls available at the enterprise line finishing long products.

Instrumental and stamping shop "Izhstal" has a powerful set of metal-working equipment, which allows solving the problems of calibration rolls and rolls making stamps, matrixes horizontal forging machines, industrial equipment and tools for the steel-making and rolling facilities, cutting and measuring tools.

Earlier in 2009, the shop was commissioned roll-turning lathe CNC milling unit of the German company Herkules, designed for profiling rolls and milling grooves for fitting. Along with him was a modern high-shop technology profiling rolls with progressive cutting tool.

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