Izyumsky Locomotive Works established cooperation with the railways of the country

JSC "Izyumsky Diesel Locomotive Plant" (Kharkiv region). Completes the order GP "Southern Railway" (JZ). This was told "SQ" sanatorium plant Oleg Kostyuk. According to him, it is about repairing vehicles. The scope of work was around 2.5 mln., Most of the work has already been done.


As noted by Kostyuk, load factory production through collaboration with some of the country’s railways. The volume of orders may be around 8 mln. "The plant is capable to fulfill these orders, but in order to begin the work needed working capital. Their We expect to receive from lenders. For example, there is a prospect to execute the order of the Odessa railway about 1 mln., And Dnieper railway. These contracts are associated with the repair of locomotives. there are orders for the repair of the rolling stock of the Baltic States and Kazakhstan and others, "- said Kostiuk.
According to him, ITRZ — a promising venture. "The plant will be developed, in particular, by repairing locomotives that operate on large ENTERPRISE, for example, at ore and metallurgical plants in the country. Produced during the years of Soviet locomotives are outdated and need to not only repair, but also in modernization. ITRZ In developed Projects such upgrades with the latest technology, "- said Kostiuk.
According to him, apart from this factory has developed an investment project of replacement of the compressor equipment at wastewater treatment plants ITRZ, which will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of the unit. "But for this project requires about 300 thousand UAH. Investment. Currently, the plant do not have money, and are challenged to find the source of funding," — said Kostiuk.

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