Jack-Up Peter Godovanets completed the drilling of the first well

In early July 2012 jack-up rig "Peter Godovanets" — so-called "tower Boyko" — has completed drilling of number 11 in 1170 m depth and the beginning of the well number 21 at the Odessa gas field. On Wednesday, July 4, the press service of "Naftogaz of Ukraine". In general, this field jack-up rig "Peter Godovanets" raskonserviruet one and will drill five wells.

According to the NAC, the continued resettlement of Odessa and the Nameless fields using two modern jack-up will make it possible in 2013 to produce deposits of more than 600 million cubic meters. m, and in 2014 — to reach the level of annual production to more than 1 billion cubic meters. of natural gas. It generally will meet the challenge of a three-fold increase in annual natural gas production — from 1.05 billion cubic meters. m in 2011 to 3 billion in 2015.

Recall first rig "Peter Godovanets" "Chernomorneftegaz" put into operation in mid-May. It is expected that the "independence", which will be built in Singapore this summer, will be operational in 2013.

Odessa and unnamed gas fields were discovered in 1988. In 2006, at the Odessa oilfield began work on its development and was set block jig BK-1. However, because the funds zaotsutstviya work was suspended. From now until 2011 in the fields of exploration work carried out only for the refinement of stocks. Due to the discovery of a new producing horizon at Odessa oilfield total recoverable reserves of the two fields have been increased to a volume of more than 22 billion cubic meters of natural gas. 

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