James Holmes is not alone — 20 more evidence that America is full of maniacs

The United States, as a house, which from the outside still looks beautiful but completely rotted and fell apart from the inside. Rotted the very foundations of our society, its no more holding back. James Holmes — this is only an echo of the emerging problems in the country. And this is not an isolated symptom. The terrible truth is that our society has degenerated and plays monsters like James Holmes on a regular basis.

USA are leading on a number of the most horrific events. This is child abuse, divorce, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, etc. Traditional institutions that could resist it — such, for example, as a family, were destroyed. We have become a society of lone wolves are often sunk in his own madness. We are sick, but did not realize how deep our problems and until we give up ourselves in this report — the light will appear James Holmes.

Why do such things did not happen back in the 1950s? Why are our young people are so mentally unstable? What has changed?

This is just some of the important research issues today. The other part is related directly to the tragedy in Colorado:

As a poor college student put together an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and bullet-proof vest, which stand tens of thousands of dollarsWhy Some witnesses say that there was at least one person who helped him?

It would be great if we could get the answers to all these questions.

In any case, this is another sign of how far our society has degenerated. We all fall into the abyss below and it is time to recognize this fact.

Below are 20 more evidence that America is full of maniacs:

1. In Oregon, a maniac breaks into the house to watch pornography on the computer.

According to the CBS, young people in the state of Oregon cracked home the purpose of viewing pornography on the Internet, sometimes even while homeowners were inside

2. Delaware pediatrician accused of sexually raping 103 children

Who is the greatest monster — James Holmes and Dr. Delaware, which raped 103 children?

According to reports, in 2010, Dr. Earl Bradley was accused of molesting 103 young patients. He was doing it in his office in the tiny town of Lewes, Delaware, starting in 1994.

3. Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky was supposed to be a role model. He was an assistant football coach at the University of Pennsylvania, and he has been active in charity work.

But it turns out that everything is a lie. In fact, a whole bunch of people out of the Football League knew what was happening and was not informed about it.

In the end, Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 counts of sexually abusing boys. He became a national symbol of corruption, decay formed in the heart of this people. See Their customs-19: 21 June

4. A farmer who kept his wife on a chain for 10 years. See Their customs-22: July 11.

5. Maniac, licking the feet of passers girls. Further York Daily News

6. Houston police officer accused of raping a woman while on duty, which is to … save us from rapists … Police! But, unfortunately, the police itself turns into a bunch of maniacs today. Further Houston Chronicle

7. In Philadelphia, police abducted 14 year old girl raped and forced her to look at his sex with a prostitute. Further Fox News

8. Lawlessness and the security screening at airports (TSA). A girl from the service TSA checking passengers opened the urn containing the ashes of his relatives and scattered its contents. While the passenger was collecting dust girl laughed at him. There are other stories related to the TSA. See also: Small henchman of Al-Qaida

9. The man grabbed a knife put a face to the three year old child and threatened to cut off his tongue. Further WFSB about the incident.

10. Naked "cannibal" Police officers attacked Georgia with threats to eat them.   

11. School administrator in New York was fired for refusing to participate in a gay orgy

12. In America, the outbreak of cannibalism. Criminals seem to be obsessed with taste human flesh. A recent example dailymail.co.uk See Their customs-16: 28 May

13. Parents begin to kill their own children. Next, from the a recent CNN article — Father killed his three daughters

14. In Detroit, a woman on the ninth month of pregnancy tied up, doused with a liquid for a fire and burned www.usatoday.com

15. In New Jersey, a man cut up his stomach in order to fend off the police's own innards. See Their customs-16: 30 May

16. Retired military brutally raped and murdered 62-year-old motel maid. See Their customs-22: July 12

17. Two men in Montana under the crack talked with otherworldly creatures and killed a school teacher who, making a morning jog, happened to be at this point next.

18. The Company is constantly rocked by scandals involving sexual relations between teachers and students in the school. So recently a teacher busted for having sex with four students: kvoa.com

19. House of Horrors in Texas. Authorities rescued 11 children from the home in which they were kept in prison guardians sadistic. Children tied up, kept in the dark and dirty rooms, humiliated and raped: News Daily

20. Florida detained an American who kept his lips kittens burned on the lighter whiskers and ears and strangled them … clickorlando.com

I understand that many disturbing examples cited in this article, but I wanted to get my point of view sounded convincing — James Holmes is not an isolated case. America is literally crawling with freaks and monsters!

Source theeconomiccollapseblog.com

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