Japan will protect UAV

Japan will protect UAV
Government land of the rising sun wants to buy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which will be used by public self-defense forces to protect the remote southern islands.
This is stated in this report, the Ministry of Defence.

In Tokyo, exploring the possibility of acquiring the South American UAV «Global Hawk» (Global Hawk), which is capable of 30 hours to make the flight at an altitude of 18 thousand meters and is therefore highly suitable for patrol wide areas. The Japanese Defense Ministry also prepared a list of other military equipment, which in the not to distant future may adopt the self-defense forces of the country. Namely, we study the option to purchase ships and amphibious konvertoplanov MV-22 «Osprey» (MV-22 Osprey). They will be equipped with the first Marines who recently will be formed in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japanese authorities will soon develop a number of possible measures to strengthen the defense of the southern islands on the background of the growing activity of the Chinese Navy, and as before territorial disputes with Beijing over the Senkaku archipelago (Diaoyu).

In recent months, Chinese patrol ships are almost constantly near the disputed islands, and sometimes make short demonstrative visits to the coastal zone. In this regard, Japan decides steps to strengthen work in this area Coast Guard units. In addition, according to local media, we study the possibility of creating ballistic missile range of 400-500 km to prevent the probable invasion of the Senkaku Islands.

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