Jasmine dog from the Altai Mountains was awarded a medal for his service to the



Service dog Jasmine from the Altai Mountains, which saved his life during the years dozens of lives, was awarded the medal "for strengthening military cooperation," this is the first such case in the region, reported Friday on the website of Interior in Republic of Altai.

"For the first years of the Center for service dog Interior of the Republic of Altai, for the courage, dedication and professionalism shown by the line of duty, exemplary and conscientious performance of official duties at the time of the measures to ensure law and order and public security in the North Caucasus region, search dogs Jasmine was awarded the medal "For strengthening military cooperation", — the report says.

According to police, in January of this year, Jasmine "gone on a holiday," referring to the record of the many helpful and positive feedback.

"To this list we can add dozens of lives saved, as law enforcement officers and citizens. Along with his mentor, Police Major Sergei Kazhikinym, Jasmine faithfully served for ten years. In 2012, during a special operation in a town of the North- the Caucasus region, the dog found near a road laid land mine, which was later destroyed. Such examples could be cited, "- explains the police.

It clarifies the department, working dogs protect public order, are wanted criminals and missing people looking for weapons, explosives, drugs, help in solving many serious crimes.

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