Jeanne D Arc was burned at the stake




Ukrainian anthropologist Sergey Gorbenko says Joan "Arc was burned at the stake, and lived to be 57 years old. This was the conclusion he came to after examining the skull of the family of King Louis XI in the Basilica Sanctuary of Notre Dame de Clery near Orleans.

The skull, which was considered the remains of the king, according to the researcher, belonged to a woman. A skull was another king, previously considered the skull of his wife Charlotte of Savoy. Gorbenko later found out that the king's wife died at age 38, and found the skull belongs to a woman 55-57 years of age.

After studying other remains, correspondence of members of the royal family, prints and chronicles, it became clear that "a woman whose skull is almost 100 years considered the skull of King Louis XI, 600 years ago, was known as the Maid of Orleans — Jeanne d 'Arc" — says Gorbenko . This is the conclusion Ukrainian scientist prompted doubts about the ability of 16-year-old peasant woman wearing a suit of armor. surviving letters d "Arc demonstrates its deep and extensive knowledge and, above all, that it could not be an illiterate peasant girl from Lorraine.

Captured by the British hit, and was burned at the stake is another woman, not Joan of "Ark said Gorbenko. In favor of the Maid of Orleans was buried, not burned, say a few things. Specifically, during the burning of women 30 May 1431, performing the role of a "Arc, her face was covered. There is also the gravestones, which is clearly visible emblem of the Virgin of Orleans. On it informs RIA "Novosti".


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