Johan Backman on juvenile justice in Finland

To date, I know of only one person who could be called a human rights activist. That is, those who defend the rights of the people. It Finn Johan Beckman, actively protecting the rights of Russian children and mothers in Finland. The idea guy, he’s not one of those "linebackers" U.S. rights, which are now referred to as "the children of Captain Grant". An interview with Johan Beckman.

How does the system of juvenile justice in Finland? Today there for the removal of children from the family … just enough suspicion. Written paper in the social services and the decision of one person a child is withdrawn. Without a trial. Many social workers — feminists. Next, the child is placed in either a foster family or in a private children’s home.

The state allocates for the child is very good money, and it becomes a way of generating income. Check out this private children’s home, no one can, it’s private property, shall be inviolable. And in the recommendations of the Finnish Ministry of Health says that Russian and Africans — and terrible parents beating their children. Therefore, if the mother Russian — be taken away at the slightest provocation.

Important: The reason for the removal of children can serve as the intention to withdraw the child in Russia. And the church in Finland? In Finland, the majority — Protestant, Orthodox significantly less. So, the Protestant church is beginning to bless same-sex marriages …


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