Joint exercise of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces Central

Military District

On January 30, the Central Military District troops began a joint exercise of the Air Force and Air Defense (NORAD). Division radar troops started working out tasks of monitoring traffic situation, support the goals and target designation antiaircraft missile units and fighter aircraft. The pilots and gunners in a complex interference environment will hit the high-altitude, low-altitude and ballistic targets in a wide range of altitudes and speeds.

On the doctrine attracted 30 radar and anti-aircraft missile units 6, 6 aircraft technician involved CVO air bases stationed in the territories of Krasnoyarsk and Perm territories, Novosibirsk, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions — 28 MiG-31BM, Su-24M, AN-12, AN-26 and Mi-8 and Mi-24. 5 points deployed Air Controllers.

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