Journey of Kostroma

In Kostroma, clean, comfortable, quiet. Stalin’s house and wooden buildings, buildings of different ages coexist quite naturally. Happen, of course, accidents, when a modern building "masterpiece" grows between the wooden houses with carved architraves. Lovely promenade beckons walk along the Volga, to sit, to think, to dream. Neither urban wedding is complete without photos in the gazebo Ostrovsky.

Indeed, wonderful views from the remains of the shaft of the Kostroma Kremlin. From the Kremlin’s almost nothing left. But in almost intact preserved 18th-century shopping arcade.

You can take a tour of the production, the museum Large Kostroma Linen manufactures, and you can go to the Museum of flax and bark. It was built and created a native of the city of Kostroma Natalia Zabavin in 2005. Here you talk about the process of making linen and birch bark.


Plozschad central city — the area of Ivan Susanin — popularly called "frying pan". On hot summer days, it is simply no place to hide from the scorching sun. There is a monument to the dog


Not far from the area of Susanin is Kostroma cheese market. That’s where the real paradise for gluttons: what smells, what colors!

I remember a trip with his parents to the fire in the 80’s. On a black and white photo I captured on the stairs leading to the Trinity Cathedral of the Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery. I looked into the distance, apparently, in the future. And in today’s future entrance to the holy abode of the current de facto is paid, even the price list at the entrance there. But this is not a museum-reserve, and the holy abode, presumably, founded in the 13th century? Here are the wonder-working Tikhvin icon-Hypation Mother of God and of the Lord’s Robe of the particle. The abbot, they say, knows about the problem, but it has not yet been solved.

One of the brands of Kostroma — Snow Maiden. It is in the province of Kostroma playwright Alexander Ostrovsky wrote his famous story "The Snow Maiden." On the basis of this idea in the city was established exhibition and entertainment center "Terem Snow Maiden", in which all the year round Kostroma Maiden gives a fairy tale for children and adults. Near hotel and restaurant — all in fantastic style.

Being pregnant is planned to build a "Palace of the Snow Maiden" and to put together with the company "Russian Railways Tour" train from Moscow to Kostroma, Moscow, so that everyone was able to spend the weekend at home the girl out of the snow.


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