JSC Apatite continue to build Yuksporskogo tunnel number 2

On the eve of the miner would be appropriate to talk about how the JSC "FosAgro AG" and JSC "Apatite" continue to build Yuksporskogo tunnel number 2. The significance of this structure is difficult to overestimate. The tunnel is to provide reliable transportation of ore to the new horizons of the Kirov mine

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Construction under the flags

"There will be rail tunnel, and I can see how it is built! I was just overwhelmed with emotion "- said a colleague of" Khibina messenger "when it first took on a large production facility. We are, as they say, seasoned reporters who have seen more than one building under construction powerful, too willing to subscribe to her words. And in fact, it is very exciting to see how the efforts of man laid a path through the mountain. Correspondents’ Khibina messenger "has once again been Yuksporsky tunnel accompanied by the Director for Capital Construction of" Apatite "Ilya Malikov.

Two years ago, only the cut side of the mountain yes Yukspor prepared next court testified that there is a lot of construction afoot. Then specialists

RSMU JSC "Apatite" erected a future tunnel portal. It remained to link up with the body of his mountain and start tunneling. To perform this difficult case "Apatite" hired a professional tonnelestroiteley from Ufa.

As the theater begins with a hanger, construction — industrial site. On it you can judge a culture of production. Bashkir miners in this matter the occasion. Flat ground, flagpoles, where the flags own parent organization, the customer and Russia, neat houses ABA. In front of them — boot washer to building dirt drag into the offices. Already built and operate wastewater treatment plants for sewage tunnel. Self-propelled vehicles "live" under the roof, in its hangar. All well-thought out to the last detail — there is the experience of previous construction projects. As rationally organized construction. Even the room, carved into the rock and reserved for issuance jobs shift, called elegant. Clearly, what’s the point, but the word itself brings something festive.

Almost subway

Together with the head of construction Paul Shapoval we measure our steps tunnel. Under my feet — a rock. But it is now, then there will be a concrete base on which pave the track. High overhead stretches huge flexible duct. With the deepening of the tunnel will need pumping more fresh air, so these will be two air hoses.

Tonnelschiki apply the most advanced self-propelled machinery, "Apatite" secured and brought her. That’s the niche of "lurking" rig "Maksimatik." After a bit of renovation, it is now ready to start drilling wells. Pysha heat, drove past the car maintenance. Wheel — as a man! Underground trucks taken out of the rock face and temporarily warehoused in her chambers drives to quickly hold reversion after the explosion and not hinder the work in the mine. And then take out the rock out. But do not dump heaps, and immediately dub graders — are preparing for the future dumping iron road which will carry the ore to the factory.

Striking monolithic wall finish and set the tunnel. Mobile formwork (its manufactured specifically for this tunnel and mounted on the base frame crane) "eats" at a time continuous supply of 150 cubic meters of concrete. While curing it turns a beautiful smooth surface, almost like the subway. Light Concrete, fine, with basalt fiber. The quality of the concrete is given a special place. It is checked in the lab building, right at the site of construction.

— In the construction of such facilities without laboratory can not — explains Paul Shapoval. — Concrete — the main material for shotcrete, and for a permanent finish. The quality here is very important. We test all the samples before making a selection of a supplier.

"Equator" behind!

Finally, we find ourselves at the working face. Today, the tunnel has crashed deep in the 840 meters. The design length of the tunnel -1634 meters, means "equator" is passed!

— There is the pleasure of the work done? — I ask the head of construction.

— Well, of course — is responsible. — Every day at 7 am I arrive at work and the first thing I go into the tunnel. When I see something that is done every time am proud of my team.

Behind Pavel Ivanovich Ufa railway tunnel, Dnipropetrovsk subway. In their construction, he participated as a mechanic, head of the site. But Yuksporsky tunnel — the first of its facility where he — the head of construction.

— This is my baby — says Pavel. — I started it and I want to complete and deliver to the customer for use in ready. We have to do everything. But most importantly — people. About our experts say, who has been in our school, and deserve to be called Drifters, engineers and civil engineering. Footage we educate ourselves. When starting out Yuksporsky tunnel, the first formed the backbone of the experts sent here the most experienced, trusted no one dozen years. Now connect a little younger generation to learn, gain experience.

All according to plan

Bashkir miners working in shifts: a month here, a month at home on vacation. Just watch employs 75 people: 60 workers and 15 — ITR. Basis team — sinker, work well timberers, miners, professionals working in the shaft surface: concrete workers, carpenters and drivers. Young guys that just arrived in the summer months, could not adjust to the polar day, said light all day, sleep is impossible.

Oleg Panarin, sinker 5th rank — from experienced workers. On the construction of tunnels it since 1985, and Yuksporskom tunnel — from the first day.

— This is our regular work, has become commonplace for decades, nashzarabotok, our bread, — he says.

Section chief Alexei Pascenco in Hibinah a year. For a long time it leaves the object — only sometimes goes with the report for a few days. When asked what is special about our tunnel, answers:

— Normal breed, normal operation. I can definitely say that this mountain we will go through.

Completion date — 4th quarter of 2013, and in October-November 2012, the excavation should be completed.

— Well, as Ilya Ruslanovich, everything is going according to plan? — Ask Ilya Malikov.

— Even with some advance, — says Director of Kapstroy JSC "Apatite". — In general, we are in the plan. Excavation, fixing and finishing the tunnel are at the same time. Along with the construction being installed communications. As soon as the end of tunnel works, we do base, laid railroad tracks and edit a contact network.

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