JSC Dzerzhinskhimmash started shipment of the chemical solvent of Belaruskali

In 2010, the IG "Generation" won the tender for the production and delivery of two solvents with a screw elevator for dewatering of "Belaruskali. Order for the production of solvents was of "Dzerzhinskhimmash" (base area IG "Generation" for the production of petrochemical equipment). Experience in manufacturing large-sized original equipment from the factory DZHM huge, but the potash industry equipment produced for the first time.

(Solvent screw — the main process equipment used to enrich sylvinite ore chemical (halurgical) way. Solvent dissolution occurs in ore mother liquor. This is the first stage of the production of potash fertilizers). The development of all technical and project documentation specialists engaged Galurgii Institute together with designers DZHM. Solvent has assembled the following dimensions: 25.5-m long, 6 m — the height, the width of 4m. Horizontal dimensions of the mixer length, 25.5 m, width 2.7 m Material type: molybdenum steel.

Production and delivery of specialists of "Belaruskali" first solvent was held in August 2012., Now there is a shipment of the equipment parts w / e and auto transport. The second solvent will be produced and shipped in early 2013. JSC "Dzerzhinskhimmash" successfully mastered the production of a new type of equipment, which indicates the broad possibilities of the enterprise and has a positive effect on the reputation of DZHM as one of the leading Russian machine-building plants

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