JSC IDGC of Center has completed a unique reconstruction of the substation Western in the Eagle

JSC "IDGC of Center" in the Eagle has completed the second stage of reconstruction of the key sub-station / PS / 110 kW "Western." Power facility capacity has more than doubled — from 50 to 126 MVA. Investments in strategic site of the regional center made 442 million rubles.

The opening ceremony of the most modern in the Orel region power facility was attended by Governor Alexander Kozlov, General Director of JSC "IDGC of Center" Evgeny Makarov, Mayor Victor Safyanov, Deputy General Director — Director of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Orelenergo" Alexander Letyagin and representatives local governments.

Orel Governor Alexander Kozlov in his speech, said: "The opening of the station" West "- this event is of strategic importance for the whole of Orel. To date, all the problems of power supply in the western direction solved by a professional and well-coordinated teamwork. I want to express my gratitude to the energy sector IDGC of Centre for the fruitful cooperation and attention to our area. "

Substation "West" — one of the oldest in the Eagle. It fuels the electricity largest in terms of population and power consumption factory area of the regional center. Substation equipment, entered into operation in 1964, has exhausted its resources: a simplified diagram of the open switchgear, obsolete oil circuit breakers and high load substation "Western" significantly reduced the reliability of power supply and not allowed to meet the growing needs of the city.

In 2006, the reconstruction of the substation was included in the investment program of JSC "IDGC of Center". Global modernization of such significance for the city power facility gives a guarantee of quality and uninterrupted power supply to social facilities and industrial plants, and provides plenty of power, covering the real and prospective load the Eagle.

General Director of JSC "IDGC of Center" Evgeny Makarov said: "I am grateful to all those who took part in this work. Thanks to you all our plans become reality. The uniqueness of the reconstruction of the "West" in the fact that since the start of work on the upgrade of a single moment did not stop power supply to consumers, energized from her. We are gradually withdrawn from the system obsolete equipment and connected the new one. The process was invisible to consumers, and tangible result — thanks to the implemented energy will not be a constraint to economic development in the region. "

Mer of Eagle Safyanov Victor said: "Reconstruction of this important energy facility was carried out in the shortest possible time. This not only promptly solve the existing problems, but also to build long-term plans for the development of the city as a whole. "

The first stage is actually the renovated substation was put into operation in February 2010. Under the load was delivered power transformer capacity of 63 MVA, cable communications are routed and installed switchgear cell, 6 kV that distribute electricity to consumers. Introduced to the work of the battery, the operational control room, relay room. During the second phase of the SS mounted a second 63 MVA power transformer, circuit breakers and vacuum circuit breakers, which have a long service life and a long operating time between overhauls.

Updated substation on the level of equipment — the most highly technical in the Orel region. Installed at a power plant is the most modern equipment protection and automation, made on the basis of microprocessor technology. All machines are equipped with the remote control, which provides remote monitoring and management of substation equipment, automatic measurement of all necessary parameters of power transmission and collection of data from metering points. Supervise the work of the object is from the network control center Oryelenergo.

To solve the problem of energy saving in the facility applied new accounting system based on digital phase meters "Proton", which are multi-function gauges, adjustable heating and heating with significantly lower rates on energy costs. Buildings insulated with closed distribution newest polymer materials that reduce heat loss for heating buildings. In addition, here on the advanced perimeter security alarm system, high concrete fence and coiled security barrier, which guarantees a high anti-terrorist security object.

"Investments in the reconstruction of the substation" Western "give considerable groundwork for the development of Orel in general. In the future, we have set ourselves ambitious goals: successful completion of the entire investment program ", — said Deputy General Director — Director of JSC" IDGC of Center "-" Orelenergo "Alexander Letyagin.

"Western" — the first power facility in the area of responsibility of JSC "IDGC of Center", where in addition to the domestic equipment used in China, which is comparable with peers internationally known foreign brands.

Modernization of the facility improved the reliability and quality of electricity supply to the existing customers, and also created the possibility of technological connection of new electric customers. Reconstruction of the substation "Western" shows the innovative approach of "IDGC of Center" to the development and modernization of the existing network of the complex electric power industry.

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