JSC IDGC of Center is implementing a project on the outdoor lighting in the Voronezh region

Energy JSC "IDGC of Center" implement socially significant project on the outdoor lighting of streets in 11 neighborhoods in the city of Voronezh and the Voronezh Region 5 districts. The works are implemented within the framework of a contract for the implementation of technological connection to electric networks, concluded between the company and the Department of Roads and Public Works Administration of the city of Voronezh.

 Photo source:mrsk-1.ru

The project started in October 2011. In such a short period, experts have installed more than 1,500 lighting fixtures in the remote districts of Voronezh. We use the latest technology, the latest equipment and materials. So, in order to provide reliable and quality power street lighting system installed 50 kilometers of self-supporting insulated wire. To increase energy efficiency and energy saving in street lamps used modern sodium lamps. Due to the increased light output (compared to the technology currently in use), these lamps can save up to 60% energy. Among the benefits of sodium lamps in front of mercury, metal halide and LED experts say even and uniform light distribution, instant start, including at low temperatures.

At the moment, completed the installation of outdoor lighting in the regional and district centers: Budennyi towns and Polynovka, farm Zarechensky. The village Semiluksky Settlement Novousmansky district installed 156 modern high-efficiency lighting fixtures. Outdoor lighting is also being upgraded to Ostrogozhsk, Repyevsky, Olhovatsky, Ramon and Sts areas of the Voronezh region.

The large volume of work was preceded by an extensive revision of outdoor lighting in all localities of the Voronezh region, carried out by specialists of the branch of JSC "IDGC of Center" — "Voronezhenergo". In this case, on behalf of the Deputy Governor — the first deputy chairman of the regional government of Alexander Gusev survey of networks will be continued in 2012. As a result, in conjunction with the administration of the area will be developed and phased program of modernization of street lighting in the Voronezh region. As part of its implementation between JSC "IDGC of Center" and the district administrations planned to conclude contracts for the maintenance of outdoor lighting, the introduction of automatic control systems, to upgrade existing networks with the use of modern energy-saving technologies.

The whole project of outdoor lighting in the Voronezh region is planned to install 4,500 pieces of fixtures. The total project cost is about 40 million rubles

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