JSC Klimov introduce a new IT-SYSTEM

JSC "Klimov" the next stage of the implementation of IFS Applications to automate the after-sales service. The system will be fully implemented by the developer and manufacturer of helicopter engines until the end of 2012. According to the "Klimov", a new product is to increase the efficiency of work with contractors, as well as reduce the maintenance and repair products.

JSC "Klimov" has passed the next step in creating an interactive system of after-sales service of aircraft, the company reports. In early April, ended testing of prototype solutions based on IFS Applications, reflecting the repair cycle engine. The system includes a scenario of business processes of the contract, the reception engine repair, work performance, taking into account the cost of repairing a particular instance, the planning needs replacement parts, repair pricing. The total costs of "Klimov" on the implementation of the IT-system are estimated at $ 550 million

A new software product for the St. Petersburg factory began to form on the basis of IFS Applications in 2011, and plans for its establishment was officially announced in April last year. Before creating the solutions I’ve spent a large-scale preparations. "There were conducted survey companies, interviews with leading experts, which have been prepared on the basis of project documentation — Display solutions — how the decision should be working at the plant, which processes will pass through the system, and who and what functions will perform," — the press service IFS Russia & CIS. Earlier this year, a prototype solution was worked out. Also, experts have identified a set of information necessary for the transition to commercial operation of the system. Now on the basis of real data instances of the TV3-117 passing overhaul of the company, complete the whole cycle of operations from the date of receipt of the request from the customer to return the product after his execution. In addition, the experts "Klimov" prepared complete data on park TV3-117, operated by pilot customers to upload into the system.

"The benefit for both parties is to radically reduce logistics costs, plus the service is completely transparent to the client — say representatives of IFS. — A JSC" Klimov "is a planning tool spare parts requirements, residue management in warehouses. Moreover, increasing the reliability of information insights and resources remains engines and their components means that the JSC "Klimov" will be able to predict in advance what the engine needs to be repaired, which nodes have developed a resource and need to be replaced, will be able to pre-order the desired units, which ultimately can reduce repair time, which means downtime of the aircraft. "

After completion of the project implementation will have access to not only employees of JSC "Klimov," but registered customers of the company. They can if needed to track and monitor the progress of repair, to study acting bulletins on engines and other documentation produced "Klimov" for service and repair organizations. In addition, the availability of the system will greatly simplify the exchange of documents in electronic form between JSC "Klimov" and its customers.

Despite the fact that the "Helicopters of Russia" in the face "of Helicopter Service Company", performing helicopter maintenance with "Klimovskikh" engines have chosen to deal with similar problems of a software system based on Oracle, that of "Klimov" believe that the operators do not be nuisance to work two programs simultaneously. Access to the system of service they receive through a simple and intuitive web-based interface, and the system will operate on the basis of JSC "Klimov".

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