JSC Krasnogorsk plant them. SA Zverev, has released a new sight

Open Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva "(JSC CMH) has launched a new series production collimator sight" Zenit PTP-A. "
Photo source:zenit-foto.ru

The sight is designed to simplify, improve the speed and accuracy of targeting small arms, providing a large field of view due to the simultaneous targeting and monitoring to the two eyes.

The sight is released in two versions: "Zenit PKM-A"? Side mount and "Zenith PTP-A-01"? to mount on the bar Weawer.

The main advantages are a sight: a wide field of view, the precise alignment of the device, reticle brightness adjustment, the presence of the hood and a twofold increase in the nozzle. Scopes are sealed, inner cavity filled with nitrogen.

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