JSC Kuzbassenergo started construction of gas turbine Novokuznetsk

JSC "Kuzbassenergo" started construction of a gas-turbine power station Novokuznetsk (Novokuznetsk GTPS) installed capacity of 298 MW.

Novokuznetskaya gas turbine built in the framework of implementation of the commitments of "Kuzbassenergo" to the Government of the Russian Federation on the introduction of new generation capacity and in accordance with the implementation of the agreement on power supply (PDM). The project envisages the construction of 2 gas turbines (GT) with a total capacity of 298 MW (2 x 149 MW).
Put in the work Novokuznetskaya gas turbine, which is built on the site of the Kuznetsk CHP "Kuzbassenergo" energy plan in December 2013. Total project cost — 17 billion rubles.
Running Novokuznetsk gas turbine will increase the production of electric energy in the Kuzbass region to 596 million kWh. As a result, be able to eliminate the power shortage in the south of the area and prevent it from occurring throughout the Kuzbass in general. Construction of gas turbine and solves the problem of social — will create about 60 new jobs in Novokuznetsk. In addition, the development of production capacity will lead to an increase in tax revenue to the regional and local budgets.

According to the General Director of LLC "Siberian Generating Company" Sergei Mironosetsky, Novokuznetsk gas turbine will be the most mobile in the Urals: "Time to power from 0 to 100% — a total of 18 minutes. In comparison to the full "promotion" turbine power plants using coal, usually takes 6-8 hours. Thus, Novokuznetsk gensets can quickly and effectively cover the needs of consumers in the electricity and power during peak load, replace the retiring capacity and reduce the risk of system failures in the power of Kuzbass. This project, which is important not only for the Kuzbass region for energy, but for many related industries, as invoked and a large engineering company, and plants producing electric power equipment, and the designers, and builders, and others. "

Besides the construction of gas turbine Novokuznetsk JSC "Kuzbassenergo" is working on six more sites in the framework of the DPM.

1. Technical re-equipment of power number 4 and number 6 Belovo with the introduction of two turbine K-225-130. Commissioning — in 2013-2014.

2. Technical re-equipment of power number 4 and number 5 Tom-Usinsk GRES with the introduction of two turbine units CT-115. Commissioning — in 2013-2014.

3. Technical re-equipment of power units № 8,9 Barnaul HPP-2 with the introduction of two turbines. Commissioning — in 2013-2014.

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