JSC Miass Machine Building Plant received two certificates for quality management system standards GOST R system and the Military Register.

Businesses and organizations, who have spent a considerable amount of time and effort for the certification of Quality Management Systems (QMS), is already feeling returns — this advantage in obtaining government contracts, and strengthening the position of the participation in competitions for tenders, and the growth of investment for the development of capacities and improvement of production processes. It becomes easier to enter the global market, as well as increased competitiveness of the enterprise and, as a consequence, there is a strengthening of material well-being.

Miass machine-building plant in the spring of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce and audited — certification audit of the Quality Management System of "MEM". The audit was conducted in the national GOST R system and the system of voluntary certification of "Military Register".

As explained by the head of audit results of the certification of quality management system SUCCI EG Krasnoyartseva, the audit is successful, the Commission noted the high level of skills of professionals who come with great responsibility to check this.

May 19 Trekhgorny a meeting of the Association of the military-industrial complex of the Chelyabinsk region, where the General Director of JSC "MMZ" Oleg Biushkin from the hands of the vice-president of the South Urals Chamber of Commerce Igor Aristova were solemnly presented two certificates for quality management system of "MMZ" system standards GOST R "Military Register".

Important for the company was the fact that the certificate GOST R system have now received and innovative lines of business — quartz glass, LED lighting, heat exchangers and heat exchangers.

Miassky engineering plant — the first company, part of the YUUTTP, which has received a certificate of "Military Register" after receiving it directly to the South Urals Chamber of Commerce.

Commented on the achievement of quality director MMP Kolmogorov Anatoly: "Quality Management System (QMS), introduced at the plant — it is clearly established system, which consists of the organization of processes, documents and resources focused on policy and quality objectives, as well as to achieve these purposes.

QMS is designed to ensure product quality and "set" is the quality expectations of our customers. Moreover, its main task performed by the quality management system of "MMP" — not to control each unit of production, and to ensure that there were no errors in the work, which could lead to poor product quality. So these certificates can be considered well-deserved. "

Press service of "Miass Machine Building Plant"

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