JSC MMK increases the supply of products for the automotive industry

In the first half of 2011, MMK shipped to the address of automobile enterprises more steel than in all of 2009.

 Photo source:ura.ru

Realizing the strategic goal of becoming a leading supplier of steel products for the Russian automotive industry, CMI has steadily increased shipment of its products to the address of the domestic auto industry. So, if in 2009 the volume of supplies of Russian car totaled 209 thousand tons (in this case the share of supply auto industry accounted for 4.8% of the shipments of steel products to the Russian market CMI), the 2010 shipment of auto industry nearly doubled (406 thousand tons) . The share of such supplies in the structure of shipments to the Russian market grew to 6.4%. In the first half of 2011 the share of products for the automotive industry, has increased to 8.1%, and the total supply of the Russian car factories totaled 262 thousand tons, which is significantly higher than in CMI for the whole of 2009.

Further increase the shipment of metal MMK to this promising market will contribute to the recent commissioning of a new sheet cold rolling mill 2000, intended primarily for the production of high-quality automotive steel. The inauguration ceremony of the first stage of the new cold rolling complex, held on July 15, attended by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who called the launch of Mill 2000 a great event for the whole steel industry and the automotive industry of the country. Today is a new cold rolling complex MMK already ships its first products to the Russian automobile enterprises. Mastering the capacity of this unit, which has no analogues in Russia, will allow OJSC "MMK" domestic automakers to offer a full assortment of cold rolled sheet of high strength steels needed for production of new domestic models. Range of products, which can be expected to produce this equipment, will also close most of the needs of foreign automakers operating in the territory of the Russian Federation. This will allow foreign car factories in Russia to reduce their costs and to carry out more in-depth localization of production.

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