JSC Moscow United Electric Grid finished the first phase of the reconstruction of the 110 kV substation Weaving


Energy JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid" completed the first phase of the reconstruction of the 110 kV substation "Weaving". The upgrade cost imposed on the fixed assets of the power facilities will be 90 million. The need for reconstruction of the substation due to outdated equipment since the construction of the feeding center in 1954.

In the first stage, along with the replacement of power transformer of 63 MVA transformer capacity of 80 MVA were replaced isolators 6, 10 and 110 kW and input switches 6 and 10 kV. To enhance the reliability of the scheme is set 110 kV gas-insulated switch. Instead of dismantled equipment electromechanical relays actions set new, digital, microprocessor-element basis. Given the lack of space to accommodate the panels were installed RZA easily erected building. All work on the first stage was completed before the start of the heating season.

The substation is located in the Central District and provides electricity to residential neighborhoods, dozens of important social and industrial facilities of the city, including the City Clinical Hospital named after SP Botkin, Moscow Zoo, Mosgortrans, Metro depot "Presnya" foreign embassies, meat DSO "Trud" plant "Dawn", Belarusian station.  

According to Deputy General Director — Director Roman CES Voinov, after replacing the second power transformer total installed capacity of the SS "Weaving" in 2013 will reach 160 MW. Updated feeding center will not only improve the reliability of power supply of the Central Administrative District, but will also provide electricity to new customers at the center of the capital.

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