JSC NPO Saturn increased its production capacity by 40% in 2012

In 2012 JSC "NPO" Saturn "has provided a stable implementation of the budget, economic and qualitative performance indicators that characterize the stability of the production system. 
The volume of output in 2012 is forecast at 13.4 billion rubles. "Saturn" has demonstrated a significant increase in production volumes compared to last year — more than 40%, which is an essential factor in the growth and development of the company.

Revenue from product sales "Saturn" in 2012 is projected at 13.3 billion rubles. In comparison with the volume growth in 2011 will reach 26.5%.

Advertising campaign in 2012, "I choose to Saturn" was reinforced by the development of social programs: the indexation of wages, support for sports and youth movements, one-time financial benefit discount program, the new large-scale housing projects, including the start of construction of a residential village, including the recreation center for employees .
Based on the predictions on volume indicators and against the background of the workforce, the rate of production is forecast at 1.1 million rubles. per employee, an increase compared to last year by 24%.
The stabilization of the financial condition and efficiency of the provided wage growth in 2012 of 20.6% to the fact 2011. 

2012 is characterized by a significant increase in investment in fixed assets in the first place, the reconstruction of the production units, the purchase of new equipment. Overall for the year in this area of activity will be invested about 3 billion rubles., Which is 37% more than in 2011 investvlozheny. 
Formed order backlog predicts a further substantial increase in the volume of production and sales, in 2013 planned production growth of 19%, sales revenue of 21.5%.
Fulfillment of obligations to customers — a significant result of the work of the whole team. "Saturn" is fully secured JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" series engine — gave out methodically implemented since the end of last year a plan to expand capacity by SaM146, handed over the first batch of foreign customer of D-30KP-2, performed the state defense order in all directions. 
In April 2012, production organization NPO "Saturn" was approved by the EASA. It was a unique event for the entire domestic engineering and especially meaningful held in Russia’s WTO accession.  

The important events of 2012 in the company’s life began to certification of the new engine modifications SaM146 1S18 and test engine demonstrator PD-14, a low pressure compressor which was developed and produced "Saturn", the completion of the development of the new engine marine use 8 MW and the creation of NTZ for future engine the second stage of the PAK FA. 
Among the significant events — the certification and "Saturn" by the requirements of the environmental management ISO14001. In today’s world, this voluntary certification is considered good form for the large high-tech enterprises, thus confirming their responsibility for preserving the environment.
Bright enough was in 2012 in terms of the transformation of internal processes, enabling the company to develop management competencies and their widespread use outside of "Saturn", including with regard to enterprises Division "engines for civil aircraft", where "Saturn" is defined parent company according to the order of the Criminal Code "UEC» № 239 from 09.10.2012g.
Summing up the year, the managing director of JSC "NPO" Saturn "Ilya Fedorov thanked the staff of the company for their hard work and well-coordinated, given the" unprecedented in decades, the increase in production, "and expressed confidence that the problem is even more serious next year will be met . "Scientific and Production Association" Saturn "- engine-building company specializes in developing, manufacturing and after-sales service of gas turbine engines for military and civil aircraft, ships of the Navy and civilian ships, power-generation and gas installations. JSC "NPO" Saturn "is part of" Management Company "United Engine Corporation."

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