JSC Orelstroy has opened a new shop for the production of paving slabs

 Photo source:lutsk.ua

Voronezh 11.08.2011.
Ltd. "Orelvibropress" — "daughter" of "Orelstroy" — launched the production of paving slabs. The project cost is estimated at 100 million rubles, said director George Kardashan.
As told Mr. Kardashan, plant capacity will be 31 million cubic meters per year. The company, according to the source, will be focused mainly on the Orel region. At the same time George Kardashan does not exclude other markets paving slabs.

The event was attended by Governor of Orel A.P.Kozlov, Acting Chairman of the Regional Council of People’s Deputies A.A.Labeykin, the leaders of the executive and legislative branches of Eagle, the management of "Orelstroy" divisions of the company, the employees of the construction company.

It is assumed that the production of "Orelvibropressa" will be about 30% cheaper than the nearest competitor products due to the use of sand from our own quarries. So, Q1. m tiles Orlowski production will cost about 360 rubles, while the cost of similar products from Belgorod is 450 rubles, with delivery — 550 rubles.

JSC "Orelstroy" is the largest organization in the construction industry Orel, which performs 30% of contract construction of the total volume of the region. It consists of five civil and five specialized construction companies, two industrial and two transport companies, construction laboratory and training center, design institute and housing management company. According to "SPARK-Interfax" and the website of the company, 20% of the shares currently owned Property Department, Industry and Informatization of the Orel region, 18.32% — OOO "Oles", 16,78% — OOO "Wave" and 11.95% — "Trading complex schepnoy" (considered to be part of the "family business" of ex-Governor Yegor Stroeva), the rest — to individuals, including Dean Kazakova (8%) and ex-CEO "Orelstroya," deputy city council, Vladimir Sobolev (almost 3%) . Sales in 2010 amounted to 4.862 billion rubles, net profit — 260 million rubles.

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