JSC Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory again will produce trams for the city of Volgograd.

In 2008, 09gg. PTMZ already put the first two models of the car 71-154 specially designed for the system Metrotram Volgograd.

Metrotram — a modern transportation system that provides high carrying capacity, car speed and safety, thanks to the device tramway rolling-stock and special technology, with 3 stations of the system built by the standards of the underground — a 3.3 kilometer section laid underground.

Until the end of 2010 PTMZ plans to produce two tram models 71-154 and in 2011 another 5 cars for the new queue Metrotram. The contract provides for a leasing payment scheme.

Model 71-154 — unique for Russia tram shuttle type with two cabins control that allows it to operate without the need for a reversal of the ring at the end of the route, passengers can embark and disembark on both sides of the rail, depending on the location of the platform.

The new car has a 50% low-floor height of only 35 centimeters. Passengers do not have to overcome the extra steps, moms with strollers or people with disabilities need only to simply roll the vehicle into the car. For fastening wheelchairs has a special place with seat belts. In addition, there is a special device in order to give a signal to the driver, disabled preparing to go out, take longer to stop. The car is equipped with door opening system. This system keeps the warm air in the winter in the cabin, not throwing open the doors when the exit no passengers, and on all the doors, a special system antizazhima.

Powerful heating system allows you within minutes to heat the huge passenger compartment in which it has 52 seats, passenger rail 225. The maximum seating capacity of up to 352 people.

The car is equipped with an automatic lubrication system components, which simplifies maintenance. The outer skin is made of plastic and are not subject to corrosion.

In the tram has multiple cameras, the image from which falls on the monitors in front of the driver on a special touch screen. All the information from the cameras in the cabin and on the street is recorded in a special "black box." In the event of an accident or unpleasant conflict inside the investigation into the incident will be facilitated. All the information about errors in the vehicle control or failure of the equipment is drained into another "black box", intended for technical specialists.

The car is equipped with a high-tech control and monitoring system, as well as system and is equipped with an independent course, which allows de-energized to go out of the site.

To date, model 71-154 tram — the longest and most modern streetcar domestic production.

The design and mass production of the model significantly increased the possibility of adapting the model range of low-floor trams production of "PTMZ" to the customer’s requirements and the use of such cars in LRT systems.

JSC "Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory" carried out the contract for the production of SUE "Gorelectrotrans" St. Petersburg fifteen trams model 71-153.

This model trams was mastered in 2008. These trams are adapted for the carriage of persons with disabilities, meet today’s requirements for the implementation of energy-saving technologies and successfully operated on the routes of the city of St. Petersburg. Given the performance of contracts this year for 35 low-floor trams model 71-153 carrying residents of the northern capital.

Also, this model trams operate in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnoyarsk, Tula and Donetsk (Ukraine).

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