JSC Russian Railways and Siemens AG have signed contracts for the production of electric cars for the 1200 Swallow» (Desiro RUS) and maintenance of 54 trains of the series.

JSC "Russian Railways" and "Siemens AG" have signed contracts for the production of electric cars for the 1200 "Swallow» (Desiro RUS) and maintenance of 54 trains of the series.

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Documents signed by the President on September 7 JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, President of JSC "Sinara Group" Dmitry Pumpyanskiy and president, chairman of the "Siemens AG" Peter Löscher at the International Railway Show "Expo 1520" in a Moscow Sherbinka.
JSC "Russian Railways" placed an order for the production of electric trains "Swallow» (Desiro RUS) in the enterprise "Technology Train" — the joint venture company "Siemens" and Group "Ekaterinburg." Order volume is 1,200 cars worth more than 2 billion euros.
Since 2013 trains will be manufactured at the Company "Ural Locomotives" — a joint venture of the "Ekaterinburg" and "Siemens AG" at the production facilities in Upper Pishma Sverdlovsk region.

JSC "Russian Railways" and concluded with "Siemens" maintenance contract 54 trains, which are JSC "Russian Railways" commissioned in 2009 and 2010. The contract will come into force in 2013 and for 40 years. The contract amount is more than 500 million euros.

The contract provides full service and includes all the technical work for the supplied 54 electric trains. Maintenance work will be carried out in two depots, one of which is located at the station "Adler" (Sochi) and the other — on the station "Moscow" (Moscow Region). Both depot and staff will be provided by "Russian Railways".
Model Trains Desiro, developed by the company "Siemens", designed for commuter traffic and can reach speeds of up to 160 km / h They meet the high level of comfort (both for passengers and for staff), equipped with passive safety of passengers and consume 30% less energy compared to electric trains, which are in operation at present. In Russia, the trains will be called "Swallow".

This train is designed based on the model Desiro ML and specially adapted to Russian conditions, which implies not only resistant to temperatures below -40 ° C, but the adaptation of the car body and bogie for track width of 1520 mm.

The first 38 Desiro trains have been ordered of "Russian Railways" in 2009. Since April 2011, their production began at the company "Siemens AG" in Krefeld-Uerdingen. The order for the next 16 trains of "Russian Railways" made in September 2010. Production of the second game since the end of 2012 will be held in Russia.

Operation of the first passenger trains "Swallow" will start in Kazan and Sochi in 2013. Then, in February 2014, they will transport athletes and spectators to the competition in the mountains during the Winter Olympic Games. It is also planned to use these trains during the World Cup 2018 in Russia.

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