JSC Russian Railways in 2011 sold a record in terms of the investment program

The investment program of OAO "Russian Railways" in 2011 will amount to 396.3 billion rubles, which is more than the amount of investment in 2010 to 26%, told reporters the president of the company Vladimir Yakunin.

Initially approved the investment budget of JSC "Russian Railways" in 2011 amounted to 349.0 billion rubles, including the implementation of activities related to the preparation and staging of the Olympic Games in 2014 in Sochi — 62.2 billion rubles. Investbyudzheta adjustment was carried out taking into account the results of the company in the I half of 2011, and in connection with the release of additional state funds to implement specific projects.

"This is the largest amount of annual investments of JSC "Russian Railways" since the founding of. On the rail network was delivered 453 units of locomotives, 447 passenger coaches for long-distance trains and 526 cars multiple units. According to the "Olympic" project and currently ahead of plan. In late December, the delegation of JSC "Russian Railways" has implemented travel by train from Sochi to Adler airport, as well as on the part of the railroad to Krasnaya Polyana, "- said the head of the company.

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To ensure the security and technological sustainability of the production process in 2011 aimed 75.5 billion rubles.
In addition, all types of repairs, including the reconstruction, on the Russian railway network made healthier 10,810 km of track, and commissioned 186 km of second tracks, 170 km of station tracks, 190 km of tracks are electrified.

Provided start-up Big Novorossiisk Tunnel, after the reconstruction of bridges on the 211 km stretch of Alexandrov — Yaroslavl, on the 565 km stretch of Cherepovets — Vologda, by 585 km of Cherepovets — Vologda, held 1 and 2 stages of electrification Karymskaya — Greyhound.

For passenger cars, on their acquisition company sent 13.7 billion rubles.
Among the set of cars occupy a large share of second-class — 380 units. Also this year, the park rolling stock "FPK" added 29 interregional, 26 compartment staff car and 12 dining cars.
Acquired cars are equipped with climate control and green bath complexes. The advanced design of the chassis to reduce the noise level when driving, which greatly improves the ride comfort for passengers. The design of the brake system used cars production Knorr Bremse, which significantly increases the lifetime of the car between the planned types of repairs.
Compartment cars, purchased by the company are designed "transformer". This allows you to use them as a type of compartment carriages and wagons as ST. Top shelves in these cars, Transformers folded in a special way: when folded, they are flush with the wall and all the space left free compartment.

Vladimir Yakunin said that the amount of the investment budget for 2012 is 428.4 billion rubles, of which "own" projects — 353.5 billion rubles.

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