JSC Russian Railways will update the infrastructure in Serbia at the expense of the state credits

JSC "Russian Railways" and JSC "Serbian Railways" have signed a general agreement on several major projects. The total size of their funding will be up to $ 920 million, a large portion of this amount as a loan will be allocated from the state budget of Russia. 

The document is signed by the President of JSC "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin and General Director of JSC "Serbian Railways" Milovan Markovic. By convention in Serbia will construct a new single-track electrified line Valjevo — Loznica (68 km), and the second path is laid electrified section Belgrade — Pancevo (16 km), reconstructed Serbian section of the line Belgrade — Bar (200 km), as well as six sections with a total length 111 km of the European transport "Corridor X". 
At these six sites, "Corridor X" is a limit to the speed of 30 km / h If they are not remodeled in the next year the rate will drop to 20 km / h A reconstruction of the lines will increase it to 120 km / h 
In addition, the company "Serbian Railways" will be delivered by diesel trains for a total of up to $ 100 million production of "Metrovagonmash." 
The funding for all projects will be conducted in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Serbia to grant loans. On the Russian side — up to $ 800 million, with the Serb — of up to $ 120 million, "Now we formalize what has long agreed. I hope that after the completion of the ratification of these agreements at the national level, the signed document will allow us to immediately get to work ", — said Vladimir Yakunin, after the signing of the document.
"In Serbia, the election campaign begins, and the ratification of the agreement is possible only after the formation of a new parliament in the country. Our partners predict that the document will be reviewed in September of this year ", — said the" Gudok "Head of coordinating and monitoring the implementation of international projects, international cooperation department of JSC" Russian Railways "Andrew Grebenuk.
Implementation of the agreement will pass "daughter" Railways — OJSC "Zarubezhstroytehnologiya." The scope of work for each project, timing and other terms will be determined in the individual contracts. But overall, says Andrew Grebenuk, all work should take no more than five years.

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