JSC Saturn — Gas Turbine is building a versatile production test stand control

Engineering industry Yaroslavl region to a new level. March 19 in Rybinsk ceremony of laying the first stone in the foundation of the universal test bench production tests at JSC "Saturn — Gas Turbines."

Laying a stone preceded by the signing of a memorandum between the Government of the Yaroslavl Region, JSC "Management Company" United Engine Corporation "JSC and" Saturn — Gas Turbines "to start construction of the test stand under the state contract to perform research and development work, laying the foundations of a serial production of the series of power plants up to 50 MW for the facilities elektroteplosnabzheniya small and medium-sized urban areas. This document has been omitted in a special capsule and cemented into the base of the object.

The new universal test bench production tests will be the first and only Russian test setup, which can not pass the test individual components of gas turbines and power units wide power range in integrated mode and in a full production.  

This will identify any defects and eliminate them at a time, until the turbine is in the plant, and the time of its installation and commissioning at the customer has already reduced from the current 5 — 7 months to 1.5 months.

Construction of the test bed will require an investment of half a billion rubles. 50 percent of that amount — the federal budget, 50 per cent — of the plant investment. Construction and installation of the installation will last until November this year, and commissioning work will be completed by April 2014.

The emergence of a new test bed due to the Development Strategy of "Saturn — Gas Turbines," by 2021, implying a significant investment in technical renovation. In the last two years at the factory, there are three unique technically production lines to significantly reduce energy costs, production time, improve efficiency and product quality.

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