JSC Step Puzzle — the leader of the Russian market among manufacturers puzzles

Company Step Puzzle («Step Puzzle ‘) — the undisputed leader of the Russian market of manufacturers and puzzleseducational gamesfor children.

Its first contracts with the distributors of the CIS Sergei Stepanov (CEO and co-owner of "Step puzzle" began to enter in the mid-1990s, when engaged in the import of puzzles. "Cooperate with them was simple: our mentality similar to familiar territory, the same requirements for certification of products — said Stepanov. — And children are the same as in Russia, grew up in Soviet cartoons. "

Because of the crisis in 1998 to carry out China’s baby products entrepreneur became unprofitable. Stepanov rented 300 square meters. m at the Moscow plant "Spotlight", bought three presses, hired a technologist and began to produce the simplest puzzles, consisting of 54-104 cells. At the launch of the production he had invested $ 50 million

In 2001, the former importer of toys thinking about exporting. He rented a booth at the largest world exhibition — Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg to find partners in Europe. But to truly compete with European producers — Ravensburger, Educa, Clementoni — Stepanov began in 2007, after starting in Podolsk full production cycle. Then he invested in plant and $ 2,000,000 for the first time took a loan financing business. According to the businessman, since "Step puzzle" started to produce the mosaic on the one thousand or more cells — similar production in the world, according to Stepanov, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

However, with the overseas owner "Step puzzle" added headache. In the Russian raw materials more expensive than Western competitors, and lower quality. Therefore, cardboard and paint to produce puzzles Stepanov had to buy in Europe. As a result, overseas puzzles Stepanov sold only 8-10% cheaper than the German or Spanish producers. Managed to circumvent the competition in price only due to lower labor costs. But, according to Stepanov, for European customers the difference in the cost of puzzles before the crisis was not a concept. Because of this, sales abroad grew slowly.

Today the European shipments "Step puzzle" limited production with licenses "Soyuzmultfilm", "Screen", "Animakkorda" ("Masha and the Bear") to Russian residents. But Stepanov plans to increase overseas sales in another way.

Every day in the "Step Puzzle ‘is made about 2000 packages.

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