JSC Tupolev: tests of a new passenger airliner Tu-204 SM are successful

 Photo source:airliners.net

Certification tests to assess community noise of a new passenger airliner Tu-204SM performed according to the method of the European Aviation Safety Agency, and are successful.
Pre-processing of the results shows that the actual data within the design. This is the director of certification of "Tupolev" BS Minor.
According to him, currently runs a special aircraft certification tests to assess community noise. The program is approved by the Aviation Register of the Interstate Aviation Committee. B.S.Maloy noted that "the test — not simple, tough and far from ordinary. Acoustic parameters measured at different heights atmosphere, including humidity and air temperature. Also, as part of certification testing, testing of the aircraft hydraulic pressure of 315 atmospheres for exceeding the working pressure of 1, 5 times. "
Tu-204 SM — the extreme, as they say pilots, passenger airliner of "Tupolev", which have been implemented the latest achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. Serial production of the aircraft is scheduled for 2012. At present JSC "Tupolev" in talks to supply aircraft to airlines in Russia and abroad.

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