JSC Tupolev: The preparation of Tu-214ON for certification tests

The preparation of special purpose aircraft Tu-214ON ("Open Sky") for the certification tests. Tu-214ON developed by JSC "Tupolev" under contract with JSC "Concern" Vega "(the leading developer of aviation surveillance system" Open Skies ") and built at the Kazan Aviation Production Association. SP Gorbunov contract with JSC "Concern" Vega ".

The aircraft is designed to carry out surveillance inspection flights under an international treaty "Open Skies". The corresponding document was signed by 34 countries of the world. Tu-214ON equipped modern complex BKAN (onboard complex aircraft observations) that allows monitoring compliance with arms limitation. The participating countries have identified the composition and characteristics of a special on-board equipment and facilities to carry out missions of control.

His list includes: aerial cameras, TV and infrared cameras, radar side-looking synthetic aperture. According to the arrangement resolution aerial camera and the TV camera is 30 inches for side-looking radar — three meters for IR cameras — 50 cm


First TU-214ON was demonstrated public JSC "Concern" Vega "at the International Air Show" MAKS-2011 ". The very appearance of a Russian Tu-214ON received a great response — during an air show plane visited gave it high marks representatives of Italy, Norway, Canada, USA.
The main operator of the Tu-214ON will be the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

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