JSC TVEL / JSC CMP qualified as a supplier of pressure tubes for CANDU reactors

In June 2013, has been successfully completed qualification of "fuel elements" / JSC "CMP" Canada’s Candu Energy Inc. supported by Atomic Energy of Canada Limited. (AECL) as a supplier of pipes for pressure reactors CANDU. Positive result achieved as a result of several years of hard work, will fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements" to participate in tenders for the supply of pipes for customers in Canada, Romania, Argentina, the Republic of Korea and China, as well as in other countries, where the construction of new Reactors CANDU.  

The project for the development and successful qualification of a new product for the reactors of Western design, as well as subsequent supply industries considered of "fuel elements" as one of the priorities.

CANDU (Canada Deuterium Uranium) — a heavy-water-moderated nuclear reactor manufacturing in Canada. As a moderator in CANDU heavy water is used, it allows (if sufficiently large, the core and, consequently, high levels of nuclear fuel) for fuel use conventional natural uranium. Other types of reactors used only enriched nuclear fuel. Unlike most pressurized water reactor (e.g., PWR), CANDU — tube reactor (and with horizontal channels), is used which can be replaced with fresh fuel, without stopping the reactor. The primary coolant can be as heavy and regular water.

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