June 12 marks 10 years since the first launch from the ground stand ASM BrahMos

The idea of holding a demonstration starting belonged to Herbert Ephraim and Dr. Kalam, and it has been successfully implemented, the Deputy Director General for Coordination with the joint venture "BrahMos Aerospace," Alexander Maksichev, talking about the preparations for the first launch.

Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 22.03.1999, it was given consent to the Republic of India launches an experimental demonstration of the export version of the latest generation of Russian rockets using a specially developed material for her part. To do this, the individual components collected two missiles and special charters sent them to India for testing.

All preparations for missile tests conducted confidentially. However, starting from the ground stand ASM "BrahMos" is the first step in the legalization of the joint venture "BrahMos". It was after he began extensive marketing and PR-activities in the enterprise.

A few days before the start of India came large Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Presidential Administration, management of NGOs engineering, NRI "Granite" ON "Arrow" (Orenburg), and several other dignitaries.

After launch the missile was followed by means of external trajectory of observations were received and processed by all the telemetry data on which the launch was considered a success.

Since then, the project "BrahMos" got even more serious support at the state level. In addition, after the successful launch customer became more actively interact with the SP, there were orders for the development of missiles "BrahMos" not only for the Indian Navy, but also for the Land Forces, and later to aviation.

This year, decided to mark the 10th anniversary of the start a special event at the headquarters of the joint venture "BrahMos". It will open a former president of the Republic of India, AP J. Kalam, who actively helped the creation of the joint venture "BrahMos", the development and promotion of the project.

Invited by the Russian Ambassador to the Republic of India, members of the government, the leaders of India’s largest scientific and industrial centers, as well as shareholders, representatives of the military-industrial companies.

Expected to hold an international conference "The joint venture as a way to self-realization in the defense and the joint technical cooperation." The program of the meeting — presentation of invited Russian and Indian experts, academics. Concluding the meeting presentation memorials to all the specialists of the project, who contributed to its development and implementation of a significant contribution.

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