Just a couple of words on Britain

It is unlikely that I'm wrong, if I write that the British Empire was the most bloodthirsty public education in the history of mankind. Even Hitler conquistadors her not hold a candle.

The slave trade (including trade and its own citizens), the genocide of millions of people in the colonies (one of India guys starved tens of millions of people), wild industrialization (500 thousand victims), the drug trade at the national level, the first concentration camps, endless war.

It certainly is not that it is any British blood-thirsty savages. Just the guys took the path of capitalist accumulation ahead of other countries, first to create a virtually global economic empire, back in the days when human rights meant the white owner of the exclusive right to an annual income of at least £ 3,000. Those who do not possess the property, people naturally were not considered (it unites the British 19. With the current Russian bourgeoisie and its lackeys).

On the Mount of conquered nations, and the British themselves, wild habits acquired in the 17-19 centuries., Were characterized by the British elite in the 20th century.

Historian Caroline Elkins has written an interesting book about the British regime in Kenya after the Second World War. In response to the killing of 32 white settlers rebels Mao Mao, the British cut about 300 thousand representatives of ethnic Kikuyu and a half million people were herded into camps. And there were all these charms are not the days of yore, and in 1950 years, and even after the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party.

And what is the British camp, describes the Israeli historian Shmuel Dotan, "In Benjamin's camp prisoners worked 12 hours a day, almost without a break. For lunch, they were given two stale pita bread for dinner was a liquid vegetable soup. With the hunger they ate grass and watermelon seeds. There was no water to wash, no roof over their heads. The prisoners slept side by side in the open. In the morning, they woke the guards with sticks ("just like donkeys"). Political prisoners were taken to work in a quarry Haifa, holding them for hours in cars where people could not even sit down because of overcrowding. "

But this is all anecdotal information. As I understand it, a synthesis study of the English colonies in the Gulag not so far. But practically the whole empire was covered camps. Nehru remembered not without mockery, that when he heard about the "Atlantic Charter", proclaimed the desire to destroy the Allied camp system (Nazi course) did not appreciate her enthusiasm, because just sat on the British zone …

Nehru in the guise of a British lord prototype of European fascism. While in prison, where he led the fight for the rights of Indians, Nehru declared that fascism and imperialism are blood brothers, and the struggle for freedom in India — part of the global struggle against fascism and imperialism. Nehru warned that racist fascism means the application of the colonial-imperialist methods and in Europe itself.

In his book "Discovery of India" (M. Ed. Foreign Literature, 1955), he describes as "the beginning of March 1936 I rejected the persistent invitation Signor Mussolini to see him. Many of the leading statesmen of England, who spoke very strongly about the Duce in later years, when Italy entered the war in those days talked about him gently and with admiration, praising his regime and management techniques. Two years later, in the summer, preceded Munich, I was invited to visit the Nazi government of Germany … the offer I politely declined … Shortly before Munich, I met with several members of the British Cabinet and other prominent political figures in England, and allowed himself to express them with their anti-fascist and anti-Nazi views . I made sure that my views do not meet the approval of, and I was told that there are many different considerations to be taken into account. "

Jawaharlal Nehru, ironically, that "in a strange twist of fate," when the war began, he and other anti-fascists were in prison, "and many of those who admired Hitler and Mussolini and approved of Japanese aggression in China, are the bearers of freedom, democracy and anti-fascism" .


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