Juvenile Justice in the West

The term "juvenile justice" (translated in English as "juvenile justice") goes back to ancient orgiastic cults practiced sacrifice. In ancient Rome, Nero juvenals called legalized ritual action in honor of the deities of youth (these include not only the emperor YUVENTA goddess, but also himself), differing at promiscuity and the fact that at the time of their "sexual restrictions were canceled." 

In the occult and mystical terms juvenile justice — is a modern reincarnation of Nazi eugenics, directed against the fifth commandment of God ("Honour thy father and thy mother, but the benefit is five, and yes Will you live long on the earth") to destroy the family. This is one of the hidden meanings of globalization, supported by structures such as the World Bank. At the root are occult and Satanic organizations that are identical to those that in the past have led to power in Germany, the Nazis, such as "Lucifer Trust» (Lucis Trust), as well as the ideology of the new world order are out to destroy the "extra" part of humanity, and spoke as aggressive anti-Christian power. Here are a few names: Swiss psychiatrist, one of Hitler's ideology, an SS officer and architect of the Nazi racial hygiene program, co-author of a sterilization law and director of the German Institute for eugenic research (German eugenics research institute) Ernst Rudin (Ernst Rudin); founder of the modern birth control movement and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, one of the first "Sex and the Enlightener," the author of the bill designed to "stop the overproduction of children," says the Slavs inferior race, unworthy of reproduction, Margaret Sanger (Margaret Sanger); former head of the World Bank, the ideologist of the war in Vietnam who burned as Minister of Defense Vietnamese napalm villages of civilians, Satanist Robert McNamara (Robert McNamara); another former head of the World Bank, preaching in his books to turn man into a commodity, the elimination of the family and the modern forms of cannibalism, Jacques Attali (Jacques Attali) …

In the "application" terms of juvenile justice — is a ruthless mechanism to change the basic principles of interaction between the state and the family through the totalitarian suppression of individual liberties, the destruction of the autonomy of children and parents. In many Western countries, the promotion of juvenile justice involved the same individuals and entities that stand up for the decline of fertility, freedom, abortion, contraceptives and distribution of syringes, drug legalization and retail trade in, "sexual education" and the promotion of early sexual relations, protection of the interests of gays and lesbians , the legalization of "adoption" of their children, to prevent increase penalties for child pornography, pedophilia and promote sexual perversion …

The result we see. Today in the West tens of millions of parents do not find anything wrong with that educators of their children can be buggers. That their children do not interfere with scoring kosyachki with marijuana in school toilets, at the same time forcing create "circles of support sexual minorities" even in kindergartens and play the role of unnatural, dressed in the clothes of the opposite sex. That relevant authorities, instead of struggling with drug addiction and crime, create sophisticated mechanisms for the prosecution of families having children. And they focused primarily on the pursuit and destruction just normal families.

Juvenile justice in the West — is not only a special court and a huge bureaucratic army wide powers and officials which are completed numerous commissions for minors, child welfare authorities. This system of non-judicial measures and excessive intrusion in family affairs — until the removal of a child from a family — at any often unnamable or false pretenses. The introduction of juvenile justice in perspective casts the "external control" almost every family having children. 

Any action or inaction of parents towards their child can be treated as a juvenile body anywhere. In fact, it is a tool of deterrence fertility and reduce the demographic capacity through preventive invasion of the family under the guise of protecting children from their parents. It works as follows. 

On the one hand, parents and teachers to prohibit the use of restraining means in the education of children. This was keenly watching the so-called ombudsmen, or spetsupolnomochennye the CRC is going to school in America and Europe denunciations of children to their parents, teachers and school management. Besides these, a number of schools in the United States are on duty special police team STOP (STOP — State Police Special Tactical Operations team). They are needed to restore order in the classroom — to "get up to mischief," students do not inadvertently crippled his teacher. The teacher, even if the "rascals" moved from abuse in the beating, no measures apply are not allowed. The only legal way to restore order — call in the police command class. 

On the other hand, children in fact impose an early sex life, drug use and wanton pastime. Sexualisation — an integral part of the juvenile technologies (in Sweden they are introduced in kindergarten). Ultimately it comes down to the advocacy of "freedom of sexual orientation," the promotion of contraception and infertility. Anesthesia can be done through free distribution of syringes and teaching children the art of "hygienic use." Everyone remembers the youth rebellion in August 2011 in London that resulted in human casualties. According to the report of the independent commission that conducted the investigation ordered by the Government, the pogroms, in which the key role played by young people, a consequence of the shortcomings of social policy of the authorities, which led to poor education of adolescents and low level of education in the public schools, where, according to the authors of the report, about 20% students for 11 years barely able to read and write.

In fact, today the West is in the process of socialization of children in exchange for a high level of comfort of the existence of their parents. The criterion of efficiency of juvenile justice is the number of children "fully protected" from their parents, that is — taken from them. The more children took official, the more you earn and the faster it goes up a career. Children are removed not only from broken and dysfunctional families, but also in normal, loving them and working parents. The reason is that you want. For example, any dissatisfaction with the child, or even a word of reproach to the parents who attend worship services, modern inquisitors can be regarded as a "denial of legitimate rights and freedoms." In the UK in recent years has dramatically increased the number of seizures of children by social workers statements that motivate their actions "emotional violence» (emotional abuse) and the "risk of emotional harm» (risk of emotional harm), although the meaning of these phrases is unknown. 

Protests against forced sexualization can be interpreted as infringement of the right to information. A recent example — a scandal in Bavaria, where I do not wish to part with her parents away from their parents, forbidding her daughter to attend the lessons of sexual "enlightenment." The story became public only because the baby, making sure that the pleas to return to her mother and father are useless, attempted suicide.

Disclaimer of questionable vaccines or treatments can be interpreted as a lack of concern for the health of the child. Example — the fate of 12-year-old native of Texas, Katie Wernecke, away from their parents for abandoning a child suffering from cancer radiation radiation. In the arsenal of Western yuvenalschikov there are many occasions, against which even the unwillingness to give the child antibiotics for the treatment of acute respiratory disease, or arrears of rent (excuse with which every year hundreds of thousands of children are taken) are "argument." 

According to the head of children's social services department in New York (Head of children's department of social services New York) Trevor Grant (Trevor Grant), "Families are destroyed by a completely insignificant reasons. If broken furniture in the house or dirty, the staff sotssluzhb take the child … ". Parents sum under article "action to the detriment of the interests of the child" for having let him go for a walk without an adult, for the lack of fruit in the refrigerator or a lack of pocket money, for what toys he has less than that of the neighbors' children, for the purchase of "unhealthy" baby school bags, and even just because something seemed to officials. 

The views of the children themselves no one asks. Often, it's impossible to do. As is the case with the little Sabrina, daughter of Christopher Slater and Nancy Haigh from Arlington, stolen social worker from her parents without any proceedings before the 3-week (!) Age on the basis that the alleged … newborn weighed three hundred grams less than you need. Unhappy parents for several years to no avail trying to recover their child.

The number of children taken from their parents in Western countries, where we have introduced the juvenile justice system, overwhelming. Tens and even hundreds of thousands! Every year! At the heart — a database in which the phone call is enough hurt child and, by definition, social workers leave the room, let them then selected children on the hands of foster families and orphanages. For example, in Germany, in 2009 alone, the parents were selected more than 70,000 children. In France the previous year this figure will exceed 110,000 girls and boys living in the present, when moms and dads living in orphanages and foster homes. In this case, no one is confused, that, according to British and American studies, children in foster care (estimated pediatricians) is 7-8 times more likely to be abused, and children in public care — 6 times more likely than their peers on average population (Hobbs G., Hobbs C., Wynne J. Abuse of children in foster and residential care / / Child Abuse Negl. 23.12.1999. pp. 39-52).

In 2000, the French government presented an extensive and shocking report of the Inspector General for Social Affairs Pierre Canopy and Inspector General of the Legal Department Bruno Cathala on the status of juvenile courts and social services. The report said: "The tremendous number of children taken from their parents and placed in orphanages and foster homes. The judges and social workers are constantly breaking the law. Between the law and its practical application is a huge difference. In one and the same court practice differs from one judge to another practice. No quality control system to protect children and families. No respect for the family, no worries about her juvenile justice system does not show. The prosecutor's office can not monitor all cases, since there are too many. Social workers and judges have full, unlimited power over the fate of the child. Social workers often robbed children of anonymous phone calls … family in danger. " 

According to statistics, as of the beginning of 2000 from families of the 60 millionth France has seized more than 2 million children. Seven years later, it was stated that 50% of these children were taken away illegally. A typical example — the fate of the once emigrated to France, actress Natalia Zakharova. In the 1990 Juvenile Court denied her new home parent rights. Preposition — "Madame Zakharova strangles daughter of her mother's love" and wants to "keep with it too close relationship"! Since then, Masha Zakharova being moved from one foster home to another. Her mother has passed all the courts, sought help from the very influential people, including presidents and heads of churches. Only with President Nicolas Sarkozy at Zakharova had 18 personal meetings on the theme of the return of his daughter. Prior to that, the question of the return of the girl raised in conversations Chirac and Putin. With the request for reunification of France addressed to Cardinal Patriarch Alexy II. Yet the problem is not solved yet … 

Juvenile justice in the West — is acting according to their own laws, nobody subservient state within a state. The authorities' position on this issue seems strange only at first glance. Ancient Romans in such cases say, "Look who benefits." Question: Why, instead of improving the lives of families of children taken from them? Answer: it is very profitable. Because children are selected not only for the poor drunkards and sadists. 

In Europe, the victims are the representatives of all social strata. Even millionaires like an Italian couple, who has denounced by who decided to earn money in this way the older 20-year-old daughter from his first marriage, mother, younger selected 7-year-old. The girl screaming that she loves and wants parents to my mother, no one listened. Its just put in an orphanage, and maligned parents in prison.

In America, according to the U.S. National Commission on Children, children often are removed from their families "prematurely or without necessity" because the mechanism of federal funding gives states a "serious financial motive" to select children, and not to provide assistance to families that allows to continue living together (National Commission on Children, Beyond Rhetoric: A New American Agenda for Children and Families. Washington, DC: may, 1991. p. 290).

Every month, thousands of children being withdrawn fall not only in children's homes and orphanages. On the Internet there are many documentary films and videos on the topic of how the juvenile justice system in Germany or the United States entrusts children sadists, pedophiles and drug addicts, and brings children and their mothers and fathers to suicide. 

Several examples. 

At the end of January 2012 in Berlin, died 3-year-old girl. Family where she was, watching service care. Watched — and did nothing. The reports of the officials acknowledged the family "overloaded" cares for the child. So it was up until one morning the girl is not found dead, with bruises all over his body, choking on vomit. In 2008, the West German town of Wuppertal 5-year-old girl Taleyu taken away from my mother, sometimes drinking, but who loved his daughter very much, and placed in carefully selected foster family. In the new family did not drink, but did not like. Taleyu started beating him. However, the office of guardianship ignored reports from kindergarten, that girl comes with bruises, bites (dogs) and pulled out hair. After some time, the foster mother Taleyu drowned in a bath of ice water. After a protracted court foster mother was found guilty of the death of the girl. Two officers care, send the girl to death, fully justified.

The fate of 11-year-old Chantal of Hamburg, which was under the patronage of the service care today is known to every German. She died in early 2012 from poisoning by methadone tablets found in the bedroom where the adoptive parents. Five years earlier, found the home care service family Chantal dangerous for the child: dad did drugs, my mother saw. The girl was seized from the family and placed with foster parents — also drug addicts, but were present in the program of replacing heroin with methadone. The new family, which was to ensure Chantal safe and comfortable existence, the girl lived like 6 people and 3 dogs in one apartment. She was not even his bed — but had access to drugs.

Much of the crimes yuvenalschikov we do not know yet. One of the worst order — the children falling into drug dealers (like the Colombians recently adopting Russian children) and black transplant that trade in human organs. In the United States officially registered more than 200,000 patients waiting for donor organs for years children and are willing to pay 200 thousand dollars for each "taken apart" of the child. In Italy, made according to the 2011 official recognition of the Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, disappeared in 1260, "foster" kids only from Russia. The Minister suggested that the children were in private clinics for organ transplants. 

In the West, the juvenile justice system is being implemented in schools and families under the pretext of protection of sadists and pedophiles. At the same lobbyists that manipulate the statistics of dead and maimed children geeks, persistently ignore that 70% of these crimes are committed by representatives of sexual minorities, whose rights advocate yuvenalschiki. In the U.S., gay men make more than 33% of all child abuse. A typical example — the fate of the two Russian kids, a few years ago, taken from the mother-Norwegian emigrant sotspatronatom transferred there the degenerates on "education." All over the rape of 4-year-old child.

U.S. studies that take into account only the officially registered cases show that proven cases of sexual abuse of children in foster care occur 4 times more likely than the average population. Evidenced by the executive director of «Children's Rights» Marcia Lowry (a supporter of foster families) "I have long been engaged in this work and represent the interests of thousands of foster children … and I almost did not meet any boys or girls who would be located for some time in foster care and had not suffered any form of sexual violence — from other children or someone else " (Dana DiFilipoo Avalanche of Anguish / / Philadelphia Daily News, 21.01.2010).

In children's homes in the U.S. standard of physical abuse of children the average for the population of 10, sex — 28 times (mostly due to abuse each other.) (Benedict M., Zuravin S. Factors Associated With Child Maltreatment by Family Foster Care Providers / / Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 30.06.1992, charts, pp.28, 30; Spencer J., Kundsen D . Out of Home Maltreatment: An Analysis of Risk in Various Settings for Children / / Children And Youth Services Review Vol. 14, 1992, pp. 485-492).

Today, the juvenile justice system implemented in most Western countries, but this does not lead to the improvement of human relations, and to reproduce social evil. Thus, in one of the most "advanced" on the part of the juvenile justice countries — Germany — Today the lowest birth rate in Europe, and about half of all crimes are committed by young people below the age of majority. Not far behind, and other "developed" countries — where children go missing without a trace thousands of Russia, is annually reduced fertility, but the growing criminality among minors, the number of seized children from their families and livestock sexual perverts.

Nicholas Maliszewski


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