JV Moskabel — Electrozavod increases capacity to produce innovative wire

Launched two years ago, a joint venture of the two largest Russian power engineering companies of "ELEKTROZAVOD" and SC "Moskabelmet"-SP "Moskabel — Electrozavod" continues to increase production capacity. In 2011, the company produced more than 1,100 tons of transposed conductors.

 JV "Moskabel-Electrozavod," in the full sense of the company, which satisfies the requirement of time — is a small, innovative, high-tech and import substituting production. Technological equipment on a date corresponds to the level of the world’s leading manufacturers of transposed conductors. Quality of the wires also meet all international standards. Production technology guarantees the reliability of the transposed wires, providing a significant share of long-term and safe operation of the transformer equipment. In 2011, the company installed additional production lines for the production of enameled wire. The result was an increase of modernizing the production capacity of the company to a total output of 3,200 tons of transposed and enameled wire per year.

Transposed wire or CTC (Continuous Transposing Cable) used in the windings of high power transformers. The main consumers of the wires are power engineering plants in Moscow, Ufa, Tolyatti, Yekaterinburg, etc. Until recently, this type of product was not produced in Russia and the main suppliers of the scarce wires were foreign companies. Due to its characteristics transposed wire every year it becomes more and more popular.

 The main advantages that receive domestic manufacturers of transformers using Russian transposed conductor:

— reducing the time the order making the wire, as a result reducing the production cycle of transformers;

— price is lower than the supply of wire for import, the lack of customs duties and reducing transportation costs, lack of dependence on exchange rates and thus reducing the cost of the transformer;

— extending the application of transposed conductors in the construction of transformers, and as a result of obtaining additional technological advantages of the transformer (weight, size, price, cost).

 The development plans of the enterprise in 2012 — using the power of the new equipment and the resulting previous experience, to master the production of transposed conductors with high temperature insulation. Just for the next two years is planned to further the development of production in order to increase the capacity of the enterprise up to 4300 tons of transposed and enameled wire per year. In the future, with the commissioning of additional production lines at the company will be able to get their products on foreign markets.

 Director of the joint venture "Moskabel-Electrozavod" Alexey Stepanov: "Our customers are large domestic transformer plants that produce powerful power transformers, products which, in turn, demand in all sectors of the economy: they need the federal and regional energy systems, urban infrastructure, defense complex. Therefore, by increasing the capacity of our production eventually wins the entire energy complex of the country. "

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