K800 — a unique helicopter China make its first flight in 2014

K800 - a unique helicopter China make its first flight in 2014
At the International helicopter exhibition in Tianjin was presented promising layout coaxial helicopter with pulling screw. According to representatives of the Chinese aircraft companies AVIC, the helicopter will be made in the drone scheme.
Hopefully the helicopter received the title of K800 and are meant make your own first flight in 2014. This is with reference to the publication Shinese Military Review «Military informant.»
Most helicopter takeoff weight will be 800 kg. with all this flying speed will be significantly higher than at least some existing helicopter.
Already on the face of it, you can just guess what the main principle of the invention. Machine equipped with 2 leveling screws reverse rotation, supplemented by pulling air, six-bladed propeller.
In the design of the helicopter buddut intensively used composite materials that provide a comparable and not a huge take-off weight.
This should be a helicopter demonstrator of new technologies and will be similar to the South American ispolzovat Sikorsky X2.
Sikorsky X2 (born Sikorsky X2) — experimental helicopter. Built by «Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corporation». Layout coaxial helicopter with a pusher propeller built on the basis of the experimental S-69.

This machine concept uses advanced blade (ABC), has two four-bladed rotor, spinning in opposite directions, and pusher propeller tail (six blades).
Screws driven from 1 turboshaft engine — LHTEC T800.
Management fully electric helicopter, in other words there is no mechanical connection between the controls and the kicker.

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