Ka-52K found name

Residents of Arsenyev and parts of the northern and central Primorye invented name to a new attack helicopter "Ka-52K." This is a modification of the helicopter "Ka-52", his version of the ship. Helicopter itself is still in development in the Kamov design bureau. A helicopter base "Ka-52" has been successfully producing Arsenyev airline "Progress".

First, there was created a list of 100 names, then it was reduced to 30. List of invented names was handed to General Designer Sergei Mikheyev. The other day, a reply was received: name the new helicopter, "Ka-52K" is given. I had to choose between the "Cayman" and "Qatran." Chose the name "Qatran", "Because it sounds better, tougher, harder and easily written in English letters."

The airline is "Progress" selection chief designer support. First, the prototype of "Ka-52" was the helicopter "Ka-50", which is called "Black Shark". A "Qatran" continues shark theme, since it is also large predatory fish.

This name does not even come up with a resident of Arsenyev and settlement Kavalerovo, Natalia Chernienko. Chief Designer of "Kamov" Sergei Mikheyev promised to come and personally congratulate the person who invented the name "Qatran" attack helicopter "Ka-52K."

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