Kaczynski calls on Europe and the United States to conduct a strict policy against Russia

Twin brother of the late president of Poland, the leader of the party "Law and Justice" Jaroslaw Kaczynski called on Europe and the United States to conduct "a strict policy against Russia." According to the newspaper, Kaczynski wrote a letter to dozens of diplomats and hundreds of members of the European Parliament.
He said that the EU and U.S. should work together to "resist the growing Russian pressure." According to him, Russia is trying to reduce the importance of Poland in Europe. In this case, Kaczynski said that Russia may have a profitable business partner, but "the authorities do not respect the values and standards of Euro-Atlantic political sphere."
Recall that in August, Polish Interior Minister Jerzy Miller, commenting on the cooperation of investigative commissions of the two countries and the delay in the transfer of materials by the Russian side, said that "on the Russian-Polish relations need to take care of, but sometimes we find it difficult to cooperate."


My comments: Asshole.

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