Kalina updated series of funds for men’s shaving Phyto Expert

  • Cosmetics for men Phyto EXPERT

Concern "Kalina" refreshed line of tools for shaving and personal care products "Phyto Expert". In early 2012, has been expanded range of products and updated recipes.

Cosmetics for men Phyto EXPERT created based on natural plant extracts. Confirms the effectiveness of many years’ experience of its application more than 2.5 million men. 

The main secret Phyto EXPERT — This account of the special men’s skin and hair in product development.

  • Shaving Gel Phyto EXPERT "Quick Recovery"

Gel based on natural extracts of chamomile and aloe vera provides the perfect shave without dryness and irritation.

Especially for men, our specialists have developed a unique formula Phyto PROTECTION. You may ask: what is it unique? Through the use of this formula, the funds Phyto EXPERT effectively address five major problems of the skin after shaving: quickly relieve irritation, reduce the burning sensation, relieve dryness, tightness and redness of the skin in a short time microcuts heal. In addition, the unique formula Phyto PROTECTION effective in hair care and skin care: the hair is strong and shiny, and the skin is effectively cleaned and restores its natural moisture balance.

  • Shaving foam "Express Repair"

Foam intensely softens stubble, provides a smooth and comfortable shave. Thanks to the active natural formula takes care of the skin and prevents irritation.

At the heart of cosmetics Phyto EXPERT lezhat effective, carefully selected ingredients to ensure a high potency drugs and their excellent skin tolerance. In our formulation uses only natural plant extracts. The maximum reduced risk of allergic or other adverse skin reactions. Before setting up the production of all the recipes are tested to confirm the claimed properties. At the heart of flavors are unique high-quality aroma composition of the world’s leading suppliers. Therefore, our customers can be assured of quality branded products Phyto EXPERT.

  • Shaving Cream Phyto EXPERT

Improved formula of the new shaving cream Phyto Expert provides a smooth and comfortable shave. Cream instantly forms a thick lather, soften the bristles, making the razor glide easier and faster.

  • After Shave Gel Phyto EXPERT for sensitive skin

Gel based on natural extracts of ginseng and aloe vera provides effective care after shaving routine or an electric razor.

  • Aftershave Phyto EXPERT

Due to the content of soft antibacterial components, lotion quickly soothes the skin, helping to relieve irritation and inflammation.

  • Aftershave Phyto Expert «Express Recovery"

Light moisturizing lotion based on natural plant ingredients help rapid elimination of all the consequences of shaving.

  • Shaving foam PHYTO EXPERT

Special formula aftershave Phyto Expert helps eliminate dryness, tightness, burning, redness after shaving.

  • After Shave Balm Phyto EXPERT

Balm is specially designed for men based on natural plant extracts. — Aloe Vera takes care, prevents irritation.

  • After Shave Balm Phyto Expert «Express Recovery"

Balm "Express Repair" on the basis of natural herbal ingredients contributes to the effective reconstruction and rehabilitation of the skin after shaving. Thanks to the light texture balm absorbed and does not leave a greasy shine.

  • Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men Phyto EXPERT

The active formula shampoo rapidly eliminates dandruff and prevents its re-emergence. Natural ingredients in the shampoo strengthens hair, making it beautiful and healthy.

  • Shower gel for men Phyto EXPERT "Herbal Spirit" refreshing

Shower Gel "Sport" on the basis of natural extracts designed specifically for men who enjoy an active lifestyle. Included in the formula of the active components are thoroughly cleaned and give a feeling of freshness
and comfort.

The main priorities of Concern "Kalina" — naturalness, quality and effectiveness, so each facility Phyto EXPERT— Is a complete solution that combines high performance and the pleasure of using.

About the company:

JSC Concern "Kalina" is a cosmetic company that produces and offers its customers in Russia, Europe and the CIS wide variety of cosmetics and household products. 


Concern "Kalina" is developing strong brands in all key segments of the Russian perfumery and cosmetics market. Due to such brands as the "Black Pearl", "Clear Line", "Silky Hands", "100 Recipes of Beauty", "32", "Forest Balsam»,, «Dr.Scheller» has high recognition and loyalty towards them by consumers in the CIS and Europe Concern "Kalina" is a leader in the segment of funds for the care of the skin and one of the leaders in the segment by means of oral care products in the Russian market and CIS markets, and is among the leaders in the segments of care products Care in the German market. The company is also active in the segments of care products for hair and makeup for men. 


The headquarters and main production facilities of Concern "Kalina" in Ekaterinburg (Russia). The Concern, in addition to the parent enterprise in Ekaterinburg, are companies "Pallada Ukraine", "Glavskazka International», «Dr. Scheller Beauty Center »,« Kalina Finance », Kalina International SA (Switzerland), Kalina Overseas Holding BV (Netherlands) and DSN Cosmetics GmbH (Germany). 


JSC Concern "Kalina" is a public company, following the highest standards of corporate governance. Shares of the Company are in free circulation in the Russian stock exchanges and over the counter (OTC) markets abroad (in the form of American and global depositary receipts).


Recall that in early December 2011, Unilever acquired 82% of shares
Concern "Kalina". The purchase price amounted to about 17.4 billion rubles. At the time of
Transaction annual turnover of the company for 2011 was estimated at 13 billion
rubles (303 million euros), and the total value of a company’s equity in the amount of
21.5 billion rubles (500 million euros).


"This year is an anniversary for us twice." Kalina "celebrates 70th anniversary
base and Unilever celebrates 20? anniversary of its business in Russia. Combining tradition
Russia’s leading perfume? cosmetic companies with innovative
capabilities and global experience Unilever, we can bring our total business
new level, "? said Sanjeev Kakkar, Group President of Unilever in Russia,
Ukraine and Belarus.

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